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Why It’s Okay to be a Self-Promoting Writer

An intimate conversation with your reader

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How do you direct attention to yourself and your work?

How do you angle the conversation in the direction of your writing?

How do you move the conversation you’re having to where you can eagerly talk about your writing?

A Bit of Self-promotion

Of course, you don’t want to brag. Or resort to self-swagger. Or seem egotistical.

You just want to point out that you love what you do.

You just want to do a little bit of self-promotion. To raise interest in your work. To hopefully spark a little bit of fan-love in others.

To do that, you cast a MAGIC spell on others with a mysterious, attention-getting, inviting conversation. A conversation that ignites curiosity. A conversation that leads to an irresistible connection.

As Barbara Baig says in Spellbinding Sentences, “mastery of diction and syntax enables you to wield a kind of magical power over the minds of your readers: to make them understand what you are saying; to make them see your visions, feel your characters’ emotions, and be riveted by your story.”

A Writer’s Power

She adds, “that’s a considerable power to be able to wield.”

It’s the power, the potential of words to enable results. To encourage and reassure. To establish resources.

It’s the power to even persuade others who’ve experienced regrets to evaluate and reassess their expectations and reactions.

It’s the power to change. Change yourself. And change the lives of others. For the better. With intimate conversation.

For the powers we develop when we write are our purposeful observations of the world that enable readers and writers, soul-to-soul …


Because most of the time we blast our way through the day.

For we are so busy just trying to survive that we don’t take time to reflect. Time for reverie. Time to reconsider.

So we often become lost and confused along the way.

Writing is the way to rediscover oneself. To find what you think is important. To figure out what you want to do with your life.

And we each have to make that decision for ourselves.

Choosing the Conversation

That decision is made by our choosing to have a conversation with ourselves.

That magic conversation where mindful attention is given to individual challenges. Intimate conclusions. And intentional choice.

For what you do is usually driven by your need to be the person you desire to be, not by whether or not it deems as being successful or lucrative.

And when you have that magical conversation with yourself, you can then convey to your readers what they’ll gain when they read your words.

For when you are being true to yourself and who you are, you are being true to who your reader is and who he desires to be.

Transferring the Power

In short, you are transferring your power onto your readers to reassure them that it’s okay to be you.

It’s okay to be a word magician.

It’s okay to be a writer, and proud of it enough to even brag about it a little bit …

For no matter who you are, it’s okay to have that conversation and share your words with the world.



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Kathy G Lynch

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