Evolution of Games: Arcade Computer Space(1970) to Realistic AR Driving Games (2020)

Gaming has been a huge part of our culture, just not because it offers fun and relief to our mind, but allows us to make new friends, set records and most importantly train our minds. With the increase in the use of technology in the 21st century and ever-increasing demand for more realistic experiences, the gaming industries are getting a lot of attention and new games like AR driving games coming in the market.

Everyone around is looking for a smarter and faster experience and the same is applicable to the gaming world. Let’s check out how the gaming world has been changed and what is new coming for your entertainment.

Introduction to the Gaming World

Video games are around us since the 1970s. If you know the first video game, Computer Space, developed by Nutting Associates. How does time fly? — We are in an era of smart devices, how far we came in these years.

From old age, Arcade games, Super Mario, Contra to the new age AR-enabled smart games. The user experience and the level of entertainment have completely changed thanks to the digital technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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