UiPath RPA

uipath rpa

Top 5 Alternatives & Competitors to UiPath RPA

1. Automation Anywhere

  • In spite of being resilient eminently flexible software fits well to the small and medium-sized enterprises because of its pliability in its functions, design, and its architectural design.
  • The cost of the license appears fair when we try to compare the cost to its benefits, quality, and the list of incorporations and RPA.

2. Pega Platform

  • Pega is the most fascinating tool which helps us to build modern technology and acrobatic applications without any complicated coding.
  • Initially while shifting from another platform the developers and their teams find it difficult to understand the patterns and command behaviours on Pega.
  • The price for the purchase of Pega is a little high which sometimes appears inconvenient for the developers.

3. WinAutomation by Softomotive

  • Doing the same task, again and again, appears boring to everyone
  • WinAutomation makes the work more easy and it is the prominent tool for desktop automation.
  • Software is easy to use and its functionality cannot be doubted.
  • The software is the perfect match for the newcomers as well as RPA developers.
  • The data scraping feature which is provided in the software works faster and the performance which is extremely good cannot get denied.
  • Cloud support is not available to remotely access the robots.
  • Though the Data scraping feature works faster it does require knowledge to access it completely.
  • Tutorial guides provided by the company are not updated according to the upgradations in the software.
  • The cost of the software might be expensive for some but it is worth spending on it.

4. Blue Prism

  • It includes almost everything which can get automated.
  • The way it holds the web-based applications and Google drive appears as the best part.
  • Blue prism is a saviour while facing the challenges in Google sheet.
  • It is cost-friendly as well and the developers find it more useful.
  • There are no disadvantages other than log management.
  • Many times developers find it difficult to work and manage the logs.
  • But the customer service of the blue prism is providing a fix in the latest version which solves the problem.

5. Nintex RPA

  • It diminishes the repetitive actions of the work and the direction of the actual production.
  • It is 100% safe because the load can easily be compensated with the company’s profits during the peak period whereas other end users can lose their job.
  • This is the perfect tool that focuses on the minimization and duplication of work and production.
  • The Nintex RPA is quite expensive and when there are problems with the whole system. Automation will devastate the process.
  • If the backup gets lost it becomes a tedious task for the developers to bring it back.

Summing up



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