What More Should You Know About The Business Investment Visa In Australia?

business visa Australia

Why should you set up a business in Australia?

The entrepreneur has the following ways to apply for a visa:

  • An individual having Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa or business investment visa can manage their business with other businesses in Australia, or they can also conduct a business or investment activity in Australia. Some of the key benefits of doing business in Australia: One can establish or develop a new or existing business in Australia
  • One can also bring their family members along with them
  • One can also apply for citizenship of Australia
  • One can also apply for permanent residence via Business investment visa of Australia (subclass 888)
  • If you wish to extend the visa, then you can do so for further two years, but only when you have Subclass 188 visa.

Benefits of the business investment visa in Australia:

  1. One can work and study in Australia
  2. One can stay for a lifetime
  3. If eligible, one can also apply for Australian citizenship
  4. One can easily travel to and from Australia for the next five years
  5. One can also add family members to his/her visa.



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