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Top Google Searches of 2021 Revealed

Here is the list of top Google searches of 2021 revealed by google in Dec 2021. Every year Google publishes the list of top searched keywords on its search engine. The list contains some exclusive searches from worldwide. We have tried to cover most of the top searches in this blog, hope you will find it helpful.

Top Google Searches of 2021 Revealed

List of Top Google Searches 2021

In 2021, doomscrolling was searched more than ever globally.

Grayscale 3D animated hand holding smartphone with liquid falling from the phone

Searches for affirmations reached an all-time high worldwide this year.

Pink animated drawing of profile of smiling face with colourful squiggles around it

The world searched for sea shanties more in 2021 than any other time in Google Trends history.

Person sitting on dock playing guitar with ocean in background

Thanks to Bernie Sanders, searches for mittens reached an all-time high in January globally.

Photo of Bernie Sanders at inauguration in winter jacket and striped mittens

vaccination volunteer was the top trending volunteer opportunity searched worldwide this year.

Photo of masked nurse taking patient’s temperature

Other Top Google Searches of 2021

  • The world searched for how to start a business more than how to get a job in 2021.
  • Blackouts across the globe caused searches for power outage to increase 5,000% worldwide in February.
  • soulmate was searched more than ever before in 2021 globally.
  • how to help texas was a breakout search worldwide in February.
  • Search interest for how to conserve reached an all-time high in 2021 worldwide.
  • The top trending break up searched worldwide of 2021? daft punk.
  • This March, the Meghan and Harry interview became the most searched interview in Google Trends history globally.
  • clapham vigil was the top trending vigil searched worldwide this year.
  • In 2021, how to move with plants was searched more than how to move with kids and how to move with pets globally.
  • The world searched impact of climate change more than ever before in 2021.
  • suez canal became a breakout search worldwide this year.
  • This year, love you in sign language was searched more than ever before worldwide.
  • preguntas para conocer a alguien searches rose for the second year in a row globally.
  • Worldwide, arun jaitley stadium searches hit an all-time high in April.
  • sustainability was searched at record highs this year worldwide.
  • when is nurses week was searched at an all-time high worldwide in 2021.
  • how to maintain mental health was searched more this year globally than ever before.
  • eurovision was searched over 3X more than american idol globally this year.
  • miss universe mexico winners searches spiked +3,450% in May worldwide.
  • The world searched for body positivity in 2021 more than ever before.
  • Searches for southampton weather trended along with new zealand national cricket team in 2021 worldwide.
  • what is retrograde was searched more this year than ever before globally.
  • In 2021, copa america standings and tabla de posiciones copa america 2021 were breakout searches globally.
  • pride events near me searches increased +5,000% worldwide in 2021.
  • This year, worldwide search interest for spelling bee winner reached a five-year high.

In a nutshell,

2021 has been a year of surprises, pandemics, Olympic, World test championship, Suez canal issues, and climate change, and whatnot. The list is very long, you can check out the other trended google searches of 2021 here.

Source- Google

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