Customer Experience and Technical Documentation

Kesi Parker
Apr 30 · 3 min read

FAQ on Technical Writing

What is customer experience? It is the impression that customers get when they interact with a product or service, support team, and brand in general. It consists of so many different things! It is crucial to give clients the best customer experience ever.

Customers always have a range of products to choose from. The majority of businesses have competitors. And, great customer experience is something that can make them choose your company and your product. Of course, it is not only about first contacts with a sales team. It is the whole interaction with a customer: the first visit and regular usage.

Even customers that began to use your product long ago want to feel that you take care of them and appreciate them. It is building long-term relations that make them choose you even after several years of cooperation. How to do that? The answer is simple — build an FAQ or knowledge base according to your customers’ ideas of what it should be like. Not an easy task I should say =)

Using an FAQ or a knowledge base is not a new piece of advice. A lot of people prefer to find answers to their questions themselves, and they reach out to support only if they did not manage to solve their problem. The main thing is HOW to make your FAQ or knowledge base efficient.

Here are the tips:

  • Include only relevant information. Not from your point of view, but from your users’ one. It requires a deep understanding of what problems your users are trying to solve and what questions they have. Ask your support team and sales managers what questions are most popular. That’s what you are to include in your FAQ or knowledge base.
  • Make the information easy to find. It is all about structuring it and dividing it into segments or categories. You can even single out the most widely spread questions and offer users to check them first.
  • Navigate users. First of all, offer them to check your FAQ or knowledge base. Then you can try to predict their next step: offer them to read related articles or articles that may be useful further.
  • Create a powerful search engine. Some customers prefer to use the search bar before even having a look at the list of articles you offer. Make sure it works well: results are delivered quickly, even if the query has incorrect spelling.
  • Gather feedback. It is an opportunity to find soft spots and improve your FAQ or knowledge base. You’ll learn what users lack and what they are interested in.

That is how to provide your users with a great customer experience with the help of technical documentation. It should be easy for customers to interact with your business, find relevant information, and use your product or service. Self-service is not ignoring customers and their needs. It helps you satisfy your customers if organized correctly.

How did I become a technical writer? What skills do you need? Read FAQ on Technical Writing.

Technical Writing is Easy

Technical writing is for everyone!

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