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As the saying goes, “Better Late than Never”. I finally uploaded my Technical Writing Course on November the 19'th. Big Thanks to Covid for preventing me from continuing to teach the course with colleges I wanted to teach and also making me tired teaching it online. This time I went with SkillShare for two main reasons. 1. My course is not going to be sold for Rs.500 or US$6.71 on Udemy (if you opt for the “Deals and Promotions” option) and from which Udemy will just share 38% of the sale with you. 2. For a seriously made course I would certainly like to help my students with a little more interaction by working with them on a Project. Only this interaction would really help them. Skillshare has their own way of promoting by offering a free trial period during which the course can be taken for free but I was ok with that. Despite approving my sample video (I have the approval mail with me) Udemy kept rejecting some of my videos saying they weren’t in the 16:9 Aspect ratio. It was a blessign in disguise and I could eventually move to Skillshare. This was my second upleasant experience with Udemy. The first being the slashing of prices to as low as $20 for all courses sometime years ago.

This is an exhaustive introductory course with 46 videos (3 hrs 4 min) and with 17 Assignments leading to the completing of a project.

Anyway to sample my course or even take it for free for 30 days, here is the link -


There’s an accompanying website too where I have tried to address most questions you may have about Technical Writing.


Originally published at https://www.subashsl.com.




Demystifying Technical Writing and User Assistance, the best tools, software, courses and more…

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Subash Sarath Lakshmi

Software Programmer turned Technical Writer, Writer, Blogger, Trainer, spiritual seeker tyring to better my life and the lives of others via my writings.

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