Organizing… is a dire task in it of itself

Look, custom icons for our app! And font-awesome of course. And that “base.css”, brrr…

I’m not quite sure where I’m going to head with this rant except to say that organizing is hard… especially because there isn’t necessarily a wrong way to do it. It all depends on how you think in terms of asset organization and how you think the dev team will function best to understand where and how everything fits together.

Do you organize based on file types (old school thought) or functionality (new school thought). Do you reference everything you can externally so that users benefit from a CND they’ve hit already, or do you tightly version control external components and include them locally, fully optimized (tree shaken even).

How do you balance a legacy layout that works fine, with optimizing it with modern tools (bundling, packing, minifying, importing, scoping) which will mean rewriting things… and usually it’s an all or nothing deal to get the beneficial tradeoffs.

There are so many choices, even down to the naming conventions and use of capitalization that come into play when organizing a repository, especially one that has grown over the years with just a light set of organizational rules.

The bottom line though is to start. Even in concept. Lay it all out. Rearrange your modules or components or libraries. Define a nomenclature and try to stick with it. And then define them so that others can understand what’s going on.

Undoubtedly you’ll reach dead ends, bad choices, but you’ll also hit some useful insights. Repetitively fail at it till you stop failing.

Organization is personal, and there’s not going to be a “correct” way to do it. At times, it’s okay to just feel like you’re becoming too personalized in how you view things, that just means that you at least have a viewpoint in mind. The rest really is to communicate those plans to others.

Once you’re at that point, it’s a good time to sit back, collect feedback, and refine. That how you can make it better.

But you have to just pick and start somewhere. That’s really going to be the hardest part.

Good luck.