Those fatal flaws that damn us… er, our apps

Dude, where’s my calendar?

It could be some flaw as a by product of a design, something that turned up only after lots of people had access to it, a simple oversight, or an actual design decision that turns out to have been wrong (yes, wrong. As in not right. It happens, get used to it).

I think people have quite a lot of patience sometimes to overcome the difficulties inherent in any app not custom designed for them: the buttons are too big (Bootstrap…, oh Bootstrap), too much white space (I’l looking at you Material Design), lacking an obvious result for an action (macOS: please, show me the damn calendar when I click on the date), missing a completely common functionality (Trello: Really, *really*? I can’t delete lists?).

But people find ways. It’s a matter of how much people love your app and are willing to put up with inadequacies, but at some point, that love will run out. Either from frustration or a better competitor comes by. So as much as you may have a liking to the way something works, be sure to take a listen to your users about what frustrates them. Make sure you solicit and listen.

This can also apply to “things that are in progress to make it better” which can sometimes take a long time to deliver, but can be worth while when it does. But if your communication about that delivery or even if you’re working on something to fix all these issues isn’t being delivered properly to your users (Google+, please… just please give a better roadmap), they’re going to be frustrated to be in the dark waiting forever.

Communicate to your users! It’s a lot more important than you think.