Webpack, almost there, but not quite, especially for integration into older apps

From: https://webpack.js.org/ (where everything is either CSS or a SVG so I had to screen shot it)

Sigh webpack, it’s a nifty tool that’s almost customizable to whatever you need… so long as you’re writing a .js based front loaded web/app with more modern tastes.

If I wanted to tell it to just bundle/minify my existing scripts that are not ES6/AMD/CommonJS files because… well, they are old, there’s just no straight forward way to do that without rewriting the code to become more module oriented. Which isn’t a bad thing, but it just isn’t what I want to do right now.

So for now, looks like I have to continue to load in each script directly in the html instead of via a webpack produced bundle, possibly using some other tool to do minification and have that live outside of the webpack bundling pipeline… which make the whole concept of having a unified bundler to handle all my needs moot, because now I’ll have a separate set of files I have to maintain (and minimize) using a different concept.

Am I missing something with webpack?

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