Say Hello To My Little Friend

Attending high school in Iowa has its benefits, one being Berkeley Breathed dropping in on the art class and sketching an Oliver Wendell Jones for yours truly. I didn’t request that character, but it’s pretty much what I looked like in high school.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take great care of it over the years, allowing it to sun-age into a historical-looking document (though I displayed it prominently in every successively dwindling office space I occupied), but as technology progressed I did scan it and start using it as my avatar icon. I even sent Mr. Breathed an email checking if that use was OK, and his rep replied I could do anything I want with it.

I still have it on Tumblr:

and actually I can’t figure out how to change it there, but this past weekend (what is it about weekends that puts me in a makeover mood?) I decided to switch to a Technicat graphic I commissioned this spring from barista/writer/artist Dakota Snow.

With the current trend, at least on iOS, toward white backgrounds, I think it works better.

I miss Oliver, already, but at least Bloom County is back!