Technicat Logos

Following on from the post of the Fugu Games logo design, here’s the design process of the Technicat logo, also from Shane Nakamura Designs.

The first pass, to see if anything clicked:

But none did, so Shane made a an entirely different second pass.

This time around, I liked several, including the one near the lower left, but that one reminded me a bit too much of Harvard, and it had a similar form to the Fugu Games logo. The two in the second row from the top feature a nice non-rectangular shape, cool lettering, and neat asymmetric facial features (I’m embarrassed that I didn’t realize they were gamepad controls, but everyone else gets it). The curved enclosure on the left one reminds me of a cat looking out of a pet carrier, so the winner:

But the story doesn’t end there. Logos are fun. I wouldn’t mind commissioning a new logo every year. Recently, I found out the barista at one of my regular coffee spots also does some hand-drawn artwork, so here’s a new one from Dakota Snow: