How to Get Featured on Medium

Isn’t that headline annoying? It’s the type of headline that prompts me to click on “Show fewer stories like this” except what I really mean is “Show fewer stories with clickbait headlines”.

Anyway, I did get a story featured on Medium, recently, in the Technology section. It’s the first time I got featured, and I wasn’t sure it was really featured to everyone or just to me, until the nice notification told me.

But I can’t tell you how why this particular story got featured, except that it’s somewhat topical and not too badly written (even if I say so myself), and I’ve been publishing on Medium for almost two years on a more or less weekly basis (as with exercise, I say I’m going to do it daily and a congratulate myself for weekly), and I’m due.

So that’s my advice: write something interesting, not too badly, and often.