Job Opening: OpenGL Mobile Developer

Mar 24, 2016 · 2 min read

Some friends of mine in the Bay Area, at PreciseQ, are hiring:

Title: C++/Open GL Mobile Developer

PreciseQ is seeking an experienced senior engineer to work as part of our global team delivering cutting edge systems and applications.

The ideal candidate will have the following skills:

· 8–12 years of C/C++ programming experience

· 4+ years of experience writing OpenGL applications and/or GPU optimized rendering

· 2+ years of experience working with OpenGL on mobile (iOS & Android)

Other highly desired skills:

· Experience developing in mixed native C++ and platform specific languages (Objective-C, iOS / Java, Android). Understanding of the required interfaces between each to support internal APIs, callbacks, and data sharing between the native and platform layers.

· An understanding of the resource constraints of mobile development and the need to create optimized, efficient code.

· General understanding of the principles of facial detection and face tracking. Must be able to manipulate facial points provided by a third party face tracking SDK.

· Experience working with and manipulating 3D animation models in code.

· General understanding of image processing and manipulation in code — the ability to reproduce a sequence of steps that a designer would perform in Photoshop and translate into an automated process.

· Familiar with configuration management and version control systems (Git)

· Experience packaging / building reusable modules (AARs, CocaPods) a big plus.

· Experience with open source graphic frameworks (OpenCV, OpenFrameworks, Assimp, etc…)

· The ability to work in a diversified environment with multiple subject matter specific teams — including 3D animators / modelers and mobile application developers.

Job Location

· We have an international team. This position can be done remotely from anywhere. However, Silicon Valley residents can use a company space.

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Technicat on Software

Essays from the book, and more.

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