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Data Driven Statistics, Trends & Facts 2018

The most challenging part for me personally when writing a blog is to find the relevant data-driven statistics about that particular topic. Often it takes a considerable amount of time to figure out the relevant data. More recently, however, my twitter postings on different topics have provided me the opportunity to dig out these statistics from various sources. Eventually, these statistics can be used in various places in my blogs.

Rather than scrolling endlessly over my twitter profile to find a relevant data statistic, I decided to put together an infographic blog of all the statistics, facts & trends related data on a broad range of topics, in an infographic blog for further referencing for myself & my followers on other mediums. I hope they are of use to you. This is as far as I could go back on my Twitter feed. Hopefully will be posting these statistics on a monthly basis going forward. Let the data digging begin!

What are your odds of becoming a millionaire

Artificial Intelligence by the Numbers

The Past, Present & Future of World Population

Renewable Energy is getting cheaper & Abundant

The Global Cyber Threat Landscape

The craziest U.S stock market week of 2018

Growth of business & value addition by Blockchain

Importance of Visual Content

How will the rise of Robots affect your Job?

The Silent killer of Air Pollution

Effect of Automation on Global Workforce

2018’s highest grossing iPhone Apps

Visualizing the extreme concentration of Global Wealth

Fintech Barometer Blockchain 2018

Measuring the level of competition for Valuable Minerals

Snapshot of Proposed U.S Job changes by 2026

Social Media Ad boom continues in U.S

Top 10 Countries for the Global Workforce

Edge Computing Research 2018

Countries where teachers are most & least respected

Companies people least trust with their personal data

World’s Smartest Cities

Worldwide AR/VR Headsets Forecast 2017–2022

8 Interesting Facts about the Future of Food

Most connected Web pages in the World

The most expensive prime property in the World

Users of Crypto doubled in 2018 despite the market downturn

Countries with the best Work-Life balance

Half of the World population is on the Web

Countries which are most & least happy

A closer look at Global E-commerce in 2018

Patent Wars: The battle for Tech innovations supremacy

5 Charts explaining the Global Economy in 2018

Countries with the fastest Mobile Internet

World’s Most Innovative Companies 2018

Economic Power houses of Africa

Electric Vehicles Sales forecast 2016–2025

10 Asian cities best equipped for the Future

The Future of Mobile Bio-metrics

Best Countries for Expats to live & work in

Internet of Things Trends & Statistics

Top 10 most Innovative Economies 2017–2018

How Startups can improve their chance of becoming a Unicorn

Blogging Statistics & Trends for 2014–2018

The Future of Chatbots — Statistics & Trends

Wind Power in the U.S in 2018

Global 5G subscription & adoption 2019–2024

GDP growth across some of the biggest economies 2007–2018

What Chinese e-commerce Apps know about their consumers

World’s Best & Worst Places to do business

The growth of AI, Machine Learning & the Cloud

World Population without access to Clean Water

Growth of Data

Building a Personal successful brand Online

Tablet boom is long gone

Countries with Top talent Pools

Leading Motivators of VPN usage

World’s Billionaires in a single Map

Top Players in the Mobile Market

Favorite places to live for Professionals

Number of compromised Data records 2016–2018

Where are the ultra rich investing?

Big Data in 2018

Global Jobs Landscape 2022

Growth of Internet of Things devices 2015–2025

Scheduling your posts on Social Media

How much time do we have?

Growth of Unicorns in China 2018

How Green is your Electric Vehicle

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