The burgeoning population of Millionaires around the World

Visualizing the Super Rich on the Global Map

Faisal Khan
Nov 14, 2019 · 2 min read

The disparity between the rich & the poor is evident if one were to look at different sets of data & indicators. On one side of the spectrum, we are encountered with grave issues like global wealth inequality and extreme poverty which affect millions around the world, while on the other side we have a “Millionaires Club” which continues to expand.

The date for today’s infographic (above) about World Millionaires comes from 2019 Global Wealth Databook by Credit Suisse. The detailed methodology used to calculate the number of millionaires is listed in the report. Each dot on the map represents 1,000 millionaires and the size of the country is proportional to the number of millionaires.

Following are the data highlights from the visualization:

🡆 The United States has the highest number of millionaires of any country in the World totaling 18,614K — 4x more than second-place China.

🡆 Even within the U.S, the population is concentrated in certain States — especially young millionaires who tend to prefer certain areas more than others.

🡆 Europe has a sizeable population of millionaires as well — the U.K leads the pack with 2,460 millionaires followed by Germany (2,187K), France (2,071K) & Italy (1,496K). Eastern European countries have a smaller contribution to this metric as compared to their western counterparts.

🡆 China has the most millionaires in Asia numbering 4,447K followed by Japan with 3,025K millionaires. India, Taiwan, South Korea & Hong Kong had the other sizeable population of millionaires on the continent with 759K, 741K, 528K & 521K respectively.

🡆 A visible anomaly was a very small contribution by South American countries to the millionaires club. Brazil had the largest number with 259K millionaires on the continent. Chile followed with 64K & the second largest economy of Argentina was not represented on the map.

🡆 The poorest the most underdeveloped continent of Africa just had two countries on the map — South Africa & Egypt both with 46K millionaires.

🡆 A large number of countries missing on the map were represented in the “OTHER” category — a total of 1,940K millionaires resided in these countries.

🡆 And finally, here is the list of the Top 10 countries where most Millionaires live, dominated by Europe. Five countries are from the EU region, two from Asia, two from North America & Australia.

① U.S — 18,614K ② China — 4,447K ③ Japan — 3,025K
④ United Kingdom — 2,460K ⑤ Germany — 2,187K ⑥ France — 2,071K
⑦ Italy — 1,496K ⑧ Canada — 1,322K ⑨ Australia — 1,180K
⑩ Spain — 979K


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Empowering you with Technical, Scientific & Financial knowledge

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