Is Social Media Making us Anti — Social?

Yes, it Fuels our Already Broken Society.

Vanshaj Chaudhary
May 31, 2018 · 3 min read

Living in 21st century, where technology has become a universal safety blanket, it becomes really important for us to understand some integral part of this Technology. One such part is ‘Social Media’. The modern society has become more and more obsessed with technology in shape of PCs, Tablets, IPads, Smart Phones, etc. Social Media has transformed the way we interact and meet each other. However, it is a very threatening situation to most of the people that due to addiction with the social media websites and apps such as FaceBook, Yahoo, whatsapp, Tinder and many others, we are losing interactions in real lives with other people who are even closer to us.

Have you ever talked to a person selling newspaper on a street or have you ever conversed with a person working in StarBucks or McDonald’s. The answer would be a straight ‘NO’ — just think! In today’s world, mobiles have become more than just devices, it has become our lives, a device that we desperately cling to while waiting for someone, standing in a queue or even while sitting at our homes with our loved ones.

Because each one of us would either be using WhatsApp and a few would also be using Facebook or a few on Google Talk and so on. We just hang onto our electronic devices waiting for someone to be online without realizing that our loved ones are waiting for us outside this Social — Networking world. We have hundreds of friends on our friends list but a few of them are those whom we have never ever seen or met and a few are those whom we have never ever chatted with. At the end , we realize that we are doing a mistake by hanging onto Facebook, WhatsApp, Google talk or others.

The moment we pause to check a notification in mid-conversation, we’re sending an indirect message that the person on the other end of the phone is more important than the one in front of us. As we become more and more accustomed to interruption, our ability to have meaningful, focused conversations weakens.

Our real life relationships may begin to mimic the shallow relationships of social media if we’re unable to dedicate uninterrupted time to deeper connections.

YES, it fuels our already broken society!

Social media has created barriers among people, it causes teenagers, adults and children to develop a habit of checking their phones, Twitter, Facebook, etc., instead of having a conversation with the people around them. Yes we may have a MILLION friends on Facebook or thousand followers on twitter but how will they ever help us, even if they wish to?. Virtual friends will never beat real friends. This is something many people can’t perceive as true.

t the moment the world has become fully dependent on the technology, most importantly Smart Phones and the Social Media. These technological creatures were developed to serve mankind, but their excessive use really creates a serious issue in our lives especially in younger generation. Social networking is really a double-edged sword and really does make us less social if we are not careful.


The Great Infinite Technology and the Great Infinity itself.

Vanshaj Chaudhary

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The Great Infinite Technology and the Great Infinity itself.

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