Introducing LocalLink

Find and Join Locals Groups to Socialize and Learn New Things!

Mrigank Pawagi
Dec 16, 2018 · 4 min read

LocalLink is an application that allows people to find other people who share their interests and collaborate with them. LocalLink allows them to search for groups in their city and/or locality, join them, and communicate with them with ease. Made with AppInventor (and Fusion Tables at core), LocalLink is partially community — driven, and has several safety features.

Why did I make this?

I have always been a very unsocial person, with actually no friends in the Neighborhood. What I wish to do through LocalLink is to help people like me find appropriate groups, in order to socialise and learn new things (or polish existing skills).

For people who are new to a locality, this can be an excellent tool to know other people in the area and start talking with them. Moreover, this app encourages productive work and is exceptionally good for introverts who find it difficult to speak out to people. The main aim of LocalLink is to bring people and communities together and help them know each other better while learning new things!


The ultimate vision is to get this app to every kid (or even adults) in every locality, to help them know others better and to help meaningful communities/groups flourish — creating a healthy playful and learning experience for all. LocalLink can also be used in large/small organizations to connect members/employees so that they are able to help each other out while being fully collaborated.
LocalLink can also help increase productivity of new startups and entrepreneur by connecting them easily to partners, suppliers, etc. Large manufacturers can use LocalLink to connect to smaller retailers as well.

The Uncertain Future

LocalLink v1.0 (made on App Inventor) is just the beginning — the future plans include further expansion, beyond app inventor and its related tools and their limitations, to create a larger, reliable, efficient and secure community.

Security Standards

Several measures have been taken to prevent spam on the platform and to make the environment healthy and appropriate.

  1. Each user can create no more than 2 groups.
  2. Users can report inappropriate groups for moderation by app owner/developer.
  3. Phone (verified by OTP) numbers are linked to each user and are publicly visible. Since they are not anonymous, they can be used by other users to report to legal authorities (like Cyber Cell) for any action against inappropriate activity. This is even more important now since all phone numbers are linked to Aadhaar cards.
  4. Viewers can, at a glance, see the groups’ Rating to get an idea of their credibility and reliability.


LocalLink, its publisher, the Developer, or any Partner/Associate, does not endorse/support/promote any group/person on the platform. There is a constant effort to minimize spam and/or inappropriate content on the application, but we can never have a complete guarantee. LocalLink is not accountable for any activity of any person/group on the platform.

Privacy Policy

LocalLink assures that all user/group data is stored (at Fusion Tables) with utmost security and not accessible to any 3rd Party not associated with LocalLink. Also, LocalLink will never share any data to anyone and it will never be visible to anyone other than the Developer and/or associates.

Get LocalLink today!

Who am I?

I am a Full Stack Developer, and a Science & Technology passionate, who looks forward to use Computer Science as a tool to make lives easier and efficient for people — and to make common people self reliant, confident, secure, efficient and aware.

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The Great Infinite Technology and the Great Infinity itself.

Mrigank Pawagi

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The Great Infinite Technology and the Great Infinity itself.

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