The Beginning

Looking Back

Amritraj Dash
Apr 21, 2018 · 3 min read

Today, as we look back, we notice that this impeccable world, this impeccable life had a start. For a butter fly, its a Caterpillar. For a Caterpillar, it is an egg. For an egg it was another Butter fly.

Then evolution enters the scene, and everything is traced back to Simple bacteria. Even they had a start, Scientists aren’t sure how. Some say Meteorites from outer space, some say lightning caused life to be created.

The book Origins by Dan Brown even went as far as expanding on a theory — The Primordial Soup.

But even life had a start on Earth. Earth was created by gas clouds of the sun and the solar system, which was created as a result of a huge explosion in space (I will explain it in later stories). But where did the explosion come from? Where did the source of the explosion come from? Where did our galaxy, The Milky Way, come from?

Everything came from something. But it is very peculiar and mystifying that in the case of The Universe, it is nothing and everything at the same time. The world was a Dark place, literally. To further complicate things there came the Big Bang, or that is what most scientists say…

One second it is peace and within the time of another second the universe is already bigger than your imaginations. In simple words it was like *badumm doosh baam dhadam* and then Tada! Your universe is ready. Only that sound wouldn’t have been possible because it requires material medium and yeah you know what I mean….right?

Devised by Georges Lemaître (please tell me how to pronounce it in the comments!) in 1927, The Big bang theory is the most prevalent one and it says that out of nothing or everything at the same time there was a huge explosion that was so hot, so big and so powerful that its effects still persist today, 13.82 Billion years after it. It had created some problems but they will be discussed later.

No one knows what was before the big bang. Many speculate that it was dark and silent (obviously, you can’t expect it to be a concert with disco lights). So this basically means there was nothing. But it didn't quite make sense, because if there was nothing, then what caused the big bang? Thanks to human common sense, people devised new theories to satisfy the conditions. For example, many thought that our universe is one of many, and when two universes collided, ours was formed. Another one is the string theory, but it will be explained in later stories…

The universe is a vast place, my friends, and trying to imagine where it all starts is difficult. In the next story, we will take a more familiar turn, discussing about this. Peace out!


The Great Infinite Technology and the Great Infinity itself.

Amritraj Dash

Written by

Poetry, Space and everything else behind🔭✒️💡


The Great Infinite Technology and the Great Infinity itself.

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