Visual Studio Code Extensions to Speed Up Development in 2020

Best Visual Studio Code Extensions that can ease out the development efforts and make them super-efficient

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Best Visual Studio code extensions for making development easier.

Listing down the best visual studio extension available to speed up development. These Extensions can make programming easier and interesting. The Extensions are freely available in Visual Studio Code Extensions Marketplace. Few of these have been added to the Marketplace in 2020. Download these extensions and enjoy Coding !!!

1. Multiple Copy Paste

Visual Studio Code Extension “Multiple Copy Paste” for enhanced productivity

This one is one of the Super Cool Extensions that is added to the Visual Studio Code. The extension enables the user to have multiple copy-paste capabilities. The Application will allow the user to simultaneously copy 10 values and retain them in the memory and paste those 10 values on the editor. So it extends the features of “Ctrl + c” and “Ctrl + v” to the next level so that 10 more values can be copy-pasted.

In order to copy, select the test to be copied using “Ctrl + 0”, “ctrl + 1” …. “Ctrl + 9”. Similarly, the value copied on “Ctrl + 1” can be pasted back to the editor using “Alt + 1” and so on.

  • * For Mac: Use “Control” in place of “Ctrl” and “Option” in place of “Alt”

So try out this extension, and thank me later :-)

2. Auto-Close Tag

Auto Close Tag Extension for Visual Studio Code

I would also make this extension as “Must Have Extension”, It makes developers crazy once he finds out that the error is due to missing closing tags. Also, this is one of the most common mistakes that we often do while developing. Following are some of the cool features of this extension

  1. Adds closing tags on the addition of the opening brackets.
  2. The Cursor is placed between opening and closing bracket

3. Auto Rename Tag

Auto Rename Tag Extension for Visual Studio Code

Once we have those automatic closing tags inserted, we would like to ensure that the opening and closing tabs are always in sync. If any of the starting tags is renamed, the corresponding closing tags are renamed. This will always keep the closing and opening tags in Sync and ensure that the tags are never inconsistent across the application.

Install it and forget about the inconsistent Opening and Closing Tags.

4. Prettier — Code Formatter

Prettier Extension for Visual Studio Code

This is another MUST HAVE EXTENSION, this extension is a code formatter and ensures consistent styles by parsing our code. The extension works great with JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, JSX, and Angular.

Extension contains multiple configurations that can be configured as per the requirement of an individual to see how the code is formatted on their end.

5. Bracket Pair Colorizer

Bracket Pair Colorizer for Visual Studio extension

This extension can be used to colorize the pair of opening and closing brackets. The corresponding brackets can be highlighted to mark the starting and closing of the code block. This extension allows matching brackets to be identified with colors. The user can define which tokens to match, and which colors to use.

For further references to other useful extensions, refer to the following URLs.


So these are some of the must-have extensions for the developers in order to boost up the productivity. Download these extensions and enjoy working on your code seamlessly.

Best Visual Studio Code Extension in 2020

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