Apache Kafka in 5 Minutes

Getting Started with Apache Kafka in Minutes

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6 min readJun 11, 2020


Technofunnel provides another article to get started with Apache Kafka Server on your local system. This article is focussed on providing easy steps to run Kafka. The article will add a series of steps and configurations that are required to run an Apache Kafka Server on Windows along with creating Kafka Consumer and Producer.

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Setting up and working with Kafka. What is Kafka?

What is Kafka

Apache Kafka is a distributed streaming platform that can be used for publishing and subscribing to the stream of data. Kafka is really fast and provides good fault tolerance. It can handle a large volume of data and can be used for real-time data tracking. Apache Kafka can be used for monitoring logs, tracking real-time traffic, managing real-time data sharing.

Kafka has high throughput, highly reliable system which is used by large companies these days. It is simple to set up and work within our real application.

Kafka Setup and Installation

1. Install Java JDK 8 with Windows from the below link:

2. Download Kafka from the following Url:

3. Unzip Kafka Folder in Local System

Once the Java JDK is installed, Unzip the Kafka Folder in some local directory. For this demo purpose, I am unzipping the folder in “C:\”

Kafka Installation Steps. How to Install Kafka.
Unzipping Kafka Folder

4. Modify the Configuration for Kafka



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