My shift from Windows to Linux

I used to be a huge Windows fan, like absolute crazy. I remember I used to read most Microsoft’s blog about Windows, we can say that I was a huge fan for about 15 years

My first computer was an Intel Pentium 4 tower computer used to run windows 98, my school computer were windows 95 and some were XP. When my uncle got the Core 2 Duo tower computer, it ran XP like a breeze then saved for 5 years till I bought my first laptop from America, it was a Gateway laptop with an AMD core and graphics running windows 7 (which was beautiful back in it’s days and still to be honest and yes I used to experience alot of blue screen of deaths because of the amd graphics card drivers)

To be honest, I didn’t afford to get some software since they were expensive and my parent’s won’t let me use their credit card to buy software because to them it doesn’t make sense so I used to torrent and crack alot of software including Fruity Loops and Photoshop

after torrenting for around 3 years, I got hit by a ransomware that caused windows to get locked but thank God it didn’t encrypt my hard disk but it just caused windows to lock and ask for a key. Formatted the hard disk and reinstalled windows 7 again but from that moment, I start losing my expectations to windows like why would a big company like Microsoft doesn’t protect their software from hackers? (i was 13 years old and didn’t know about hacking and security) from that moment I got interested into security and got introduced to Backtrack 5 R3 aka the ubuntu based linux distro that was filled with hacking tools and script

after trying out backtrack on a VM, i got interested with Linux but my hardware was weak to hold a VM along with Windows so i rarely checked Linux and it’s hidden perks

years passed until I got my current laptop (Lenovo ideapad yoga 500) that shipped with windows 10, I was amazed by windows 10 stability and design but wasn’t convinced that it is secure enough, chance that I might get ransomewared just like what happened with me with windows 7

I joined Microsoft’s Student Partner program (aka the MSP program) when I was 17 years old and started college (yes, I started at a young age) and after 5 days exactly, I dual booted windows 10 with ubuntu then a month later I went full Linux

what caused me to switch to Linux fully was for 2 reasons: one that was because of my past experience with windows and the second is completely my fault (Linux users don’t kill me okay I was 17 years old and didn’t know shit what I was doing)

so what happened that I activated a script called “Katoolin” which turns your ubuntu (or any debain distro) to a Kali linux derivative (aka backtrack but they changed the name and distro from backtrack to kali and from ubuntu to debain) so this script looked my “apt” command (aka my package manager which is the most important part of having a linux distro because majority of your work is in the terminal and your package manager)

I found the source of the lock, so I rm -rf the source (aka removed reference incase you are asking), i thought it would delete the script but turned out the system was locking my apt command so ubuntu was far long gone forever along with windows (since they are partitioned on the same laptop and ubuntu grub was maintaining the switch between them) so reformatted the entire disk and installed ubuntu only

What happened after the full migration?

well, at first it was hell man. Literally all of my software is thrown to the trash, i have to rely on open source software which it wasn’t good looking and some where kinda buggy but I got a hang of it!

true there aren’t that much of professional software like Photoshop/After Effects and more so I have to rely on Gimp/Inkscape and the rest of the open source software

well, they aren’t perfect but they do the job and they are free! so I don’t have to pay for them (but you can donate! which is not a bad idea at all)

I learned who to use the terminal and how to make my own shortcuts and scripts using bash (which on windows i have to rely on some special made software for automating)

i have full control over my updates and i can update what i want, also i have the chance to update later while on windows i suffered from constant reboots because of updates and restarting at the time I really need my laptop

sure, it wasn’t a smooth migration but I learned alot from it and true there aren’t that much of software to use but hey atleast I don’t have to worry about viruses and ransomware for a pretty long time (aka i don’t have to worry at all to be honest)

also can your windows laptop handle 30 chrome tabs on a single channel 8 gb DDR3 ram? i bet not so don’t argue with me that windows is faster than linux

I still miss the days when I used to work using windows but I was happy to do this shift, this shift caused me to learn new stuff to be honest, stuff I wouldn’t learn at all if I stuck with windows forever

What’s next?

well since the Linux world lack some stuff maybe I can do something about it! It is an untapped market to control so why waste it from my hands?

also there might be a chance that I might migrate to Mac OS or back to windows any time soon because college and linux don’t mix (i will work my way out of this)

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