Reading Reading Reading

Reading is vital for the classroom. Teachers need to provide students with choice reading time during the day and model a love for reading and literacy. According to Stephen Krashen, reading helps develop spelling, vocabulary, writing, writing style, grammar and knowledge. When provided with opportunities to read and access to books, students may grow into lifelong readers and learners.

I recently discovered Epic!. It is an App that I have seen described as the Netflix for books. Epic! gives students, parents and teachers free access to hundreds of books of all kinds. They include audiobooks, chapter books, fiction, nonfiction, picture books and more. I think Epic! can increase engagement in literacy because it provides students with access to books, is visually attractive and appealing, and can be used on computers, tablets and phones. It also allows students to interact with books and will give recommendations based on their likes and interests.

Check out Epic! today for you or your childs reading please.