The essential question leading my learning curation was: how can technology be used in the learning commons to promote engagement and literacy? I have learned that technology can be used in the library to promote engagement through inquiry-based projects, online reading communities, ebooks, making videos and book trailers, creating ebooks and illustrations, digital storytelling, multimodal response to text, makerspaces, research and more. The possibilities seem endless and by providing access to technology and teaching students how to use technology to enhance their learning will allow freedom for creativity, innovation and collaboration.

Throughout this learning curation, I have explored and discovered many different Apps and websites that promote reading, writing, speaking, listening, creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, inquiry, digital citizenship and digital literacy. These are compiled on a Symbaloo account, which will be useful as I begin to implement my learning into my teaching practices. I have started a technology blog and opened a twitter account, where I follow libraries, librarians, educational leaders and technology and education websites. I have also started a professional reading list to continue growing as a professional and learner.

Future Growth and Professional Development

As I move forward from this learning curation, I plan on focusing a lot of effort on researching engaging multi-modal resources to encourage students at every level of literacy. I also plan on collaborating with classroom teachers to create a unit where students are given an opportunity for multimodal responses to text.

I hope to continue to write on my technology blog as I come across new Apps and websites or read valuable articles and books. I value blogging because it encourages reflective practices. I also hope to find professional communities where I can learn from other librarians. I have recently signed up for LM_Net to connect and communicate with other librarians.

Making a Difference in My School

As I am currently a classroom teacher, I want to come alongside our teacher-librarian and help promote engagement and literacy school wide through the library. I will work on a collaborative unit with the TL and use this as an example for other classroom teachers. I also plan on joining the literacy committee and begin advocating for the library.

When I am able to secure a teacher-librarianship position, I will begin by reviewing the current state of the library and create an action plan, working closely with my library leadership team. I am very excited to begin a TL position and hope to put what I have learned in this course into practice soon.

Addressing Course Goals

In my first submission, I stated that my goals for this course were to understand my role as a leader within the school and to explore how technology can be used to promote an engaging learning commons. Throughout the course, I learned that TLs have a responsibility to lead within their schools and districts, in order to help reach every student. Leading can look like forming relationships, collaborating, running workshops, sharing and teaching new resources, giving the library presence within the school, encouraging community involvement, promoting inclusive and creative environments, being an advocate for literacy and more. The possibilities that are open to a TL excites me. I love thinking creatively and hope to lead and inspire change within the school library.

In regards to learning how technology can be used to promote an engaging learning commons, I think that this goal was achieved through my learning curation, course discussions and course modules. I appreciated how each module promoted various technology tools. I was encouraged by the sharing of resources that took place through the online discussion forum. I also enjoyed the way each learning curation prompt pushed me and challenged me to reflect on readings, technology, the library and best teaching practices.

In my first submission, I also stated that I hoped to be able to articulate well why a learning commons is the way to go, so that I can gain momentum and help encourage change in our libraries. This course has given me a lot to think about and process in regards to this goal. The main resource that I will use is Leading Learning (2014) as a guide to change and setting goals.


Technology can be used in the library to promote engagement and literacy. There are many websites, Apps and devices that will promote student learning, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. Teacher-librarians need to help guide and support students in their learning by equipping them with the skills they need to use technology to enhance their learning instead of hinder it. They also need to form positive and collaborative relationships to help the library become a place where learning is exciting and literacy is achieved.