Everyone is talking about social selling but what is it & why should you care?

The Social Selling MasterMind group recently released this eBook with social selling insights from 33 thought leaders around the world! 


I love and embrace the power of social media to change all aspects of life from how we communicate to how we decide which restaurant to go too and how we collaborate and learn from each other!

Michael De Groot (@StayingaliveUK) asked me a few months back if I would contribute to a social selling eBook that he was working on that would include insights from thought leaders around the world. First off I was honored that Michael would ask me and secondly I was excited, excited more about the idea of collaborating and building a book that can help others without limitations of where we worked or what software we used!

This book is a great resource with actionable data from industry experts around the globe but more than that this is an example of the power of social media!

Being great at social isn’t about the network or the software, its about creating relationships, attracting attention and building trust!

So before you say you don't do social media or selling on social isn't for you, listen to these insights and tips as you will be amazed that once you embrace change and focus on using social instead of doing it the old way, social selling will be easier than it was making your sale is on the golf course!

Times are changing!

Below are some quotes from just a few of the leaders involved in this book and there is also a link to download the pdf version of the eBook.

Here is my contribution to the book…. I also cohost a twitter chat w/ @RachellouMiller “Social Selling Hour #SShour” every monday at 4pm eastern time! Join the chat and hear from many of these experts and please bring your questions as the reason we created this twitter chat is to learn and grow the #SocialSelling Community!

Going in Cold is No Longer a Viable Solution — @KokaSexton

Are you building influence on Social Media? — @LexabiCom

Linkedin is a searchable rolodex of all your connections’ connections!- @SocialSalesLink

To help him fish where the fish are — @Socialtosales

Sales is inherently social so i don’t think social selling is anything new — @JohnMBarros

Listen for buying signals from elsewhere in your organization! — @HeinzMarketing

Organizations need to become much more focused on becoming a social business! — @Barbaragiamanco

Building your personal brand is the first step to becoming a social seller! — @Jill_Rowley

The only thing you can shoot for is TRUST! — @StayingaliveUK

Contained within the eBook are some amazing ideas, insights and tips by these amazing Thought Leaders, across the globe.

Just follow the link below to download it and do share with us your thoughts and opinions via #SSMMG = ‘Social Selling MasterMind Group’.

I also created this Slideshare if you prefer to view the ebook in a slideshare:


eBook put together by: Michael de Groot & you can download the original in pdf from Michael: http://styin.me/Social-Selling-Tips-eBook

Wishing you massive success with your ‘Social Selling’ journey!

Love to hear your thoughts and comments and if you liked this post & found value in the eBook please like and share this post! Also connect with me on twitter & at www.iSocialFanz.com



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