The Future of Driving: Mercedes-Benz’s Smart MBUX Hyperscreen with Onboard AI

Mercedes-Benz unveiled the MBUX Hyperscreen at the all-virtual CES 2021.

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EQS with unique MBUX Hyperscreen: The big in-car cinema: A smart assistant for the driver and front passenger who is constantly learning, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced Machine Learning (ML). Source: Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz: MBUX Hyperscreen

German automaker Mercedes-Benz premiered its new MBUX Hyperscreen on 7th January. A few days after its digital world premiere, the new MBUX Hyperscreen from Mercedes-Benz celebrated its trade-show debut on 11th January at the first all-digital Consumer Electronics Show (CES) organised by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), and usually held in Las Vegas.

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With the MBUX Hyperscreen, several displays appear to merge seamlessly, resulting in an impressive 141-centimetre wide and curved screen band. The area that passengers can experience is 2,432.11 cm2. Source: Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes Travel Knowledge

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The large glass cover display is curved three-dimensionally in the moulding process at temperatures of approx. 650°C. This process allows a distortion-free view of the display unit across the entire width of the vehicle, irrespective of the display cover radius. Source: Mercedes-Benz

Digital thinking

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To get to the most important applications, the user must scroll through 0 menu levels. That’s why Mercedes-Benz calls this zero layer. There are a total of 12 actuators beneath the touchscreen for haptic feedback during operation. If the finger touches certain points there, they trigger a tangible vibration in the cover plate. Source: Mercedes-Benz

Personalised suggestions with the aid of onboard Artificial Intelligence

  • If the EQS driver regularly uses the massage function according to the hot stone principle in winter, the system learns and automatically suggests the comfort function in wintry temperatures.
  • If the user regularly switches on the heating of the steering wheel and other surfaces for seat heating, for example, this is suggested to him as soon as he presses the seat heating.
  • The chassis of the EQS can be lifted to provide more ground clearance. A useful function for steep garage entrances or sleep policemen. MBUX remembers the GPS position at which the user made use of the Vehicle Lift-Up function. If the vehicle approaches the GPS position again, MBUX independently proposes to lift the EQS.

Technical highlights

  • For haptic feedback during operation, a total of twelve actuators are located under the touchscreen surfaces. If a finger touches certain areas there, they trigger a noticeable vibration of the cover plate.
  • Eight CPU cores, 24 gigabytes of RAM, and 46.4 gigabytes per second RAM memory bandwidth are among the technical highlights.
  • Two coatings of the cover plate reduce reflections and make cleaning easier. The curved glass itself consists of particularly scratch-resistant aluminium silicate.
  • The safety measures include predetermined breaking points alongside the side outlet openings as well as five holders which can yield in a targeted manner in a crash thanks to their honeycomb structure.
  • With the measurement data of a 1 multifunction camera and also 1 light sensor the brightness of the screen is adapted to the ambient conditions.
  • With up to seven profiles, the display section can be individualised for the front passenger.

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