A web app to view and analyze cryptocurrency data in full detail -free access in this article!

Historical prices, data in linear or log scales, various normalizations, smoothing over time, and your exact time ranges. Even compare pairs of coins! Do ask me for custom programs!

LucianoSphere (Luciano Abriata, PhD)
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4 min readMar 28, 2022


The online web app

With this web app you can view historical prices and market caps displaying the data in several ways (described below), and even do some analyses right there online. I wrote this web app all by myself, and described it in full detail here:

Now I’m giving away free access to the readers of this article (see below for instructions). You will have access to a fully-fledged app with these features (and you can ask for more, tailored to your needs):

  • 27 cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ENJ, DOT, ETH, BAT, USDC, BNB, etc. The list is easily extendable to more currencies, on your request.
  • Full control of time ranges -i.e. not limited to “last 24 hs”, “last 7 days”, year-to-date, etc. but rather allowing you to input the exact time range of interest. With daily or hourly data (the latter for time spans < 30 days).
  • Prices or market capitalization available.
  • Plots in linear or log scale, the latter critical to better detect global trends.
  • Various built-in ways to normalize data.
  • Daily (or hourly) differences also possible, even as % change.
  • Smoothing over defined time spans, useful to highlight trends over time.


  • All the data is treated inside your browser. No information goes to my site!
  • The various data processing options can be concatenated, enabling things such as, for example, averaging daily differences (example below).
  • Coins can be compared right in the app, by choosing a different one in each plot. Besides, the app computes the correlation coefficient between pairs of displayed data (i.e. as processed and…



LucianoSphere (Luciano Abriata, PhD)
Technology Hits

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