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Sajjad Hussain
Apr 13 · 4 min read
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At present, artificial intelligence has an important part in our life. Our favorite PDAs, devices, and mobile phones all are connected with smart algorithms. There are many manufacturing industries that have lacked proper industrial intelligence, they need to transform but never find the appropriate model. Industrial intelligence is key in terms of expansion, growth, and quality of the products which they keen to manufacture consumer electronics, automobiles, metallurgy, chemical, and other industries in need of AI models that will accelerate their day-to-day business operations.

Face recognition, vehicle recognition, criminal recognition in the crowd, faulty parts detection, body scanning, retinopathy of diabetic patients all of these scenarios have a lot of room for new AI models. AI technology is the core idea behind smart manufacturing, smart logistics, smart agriculture, smart tourism, smart medical care, and smart city.

When AI meets with IoT inevitably expand requirements of the industrial applications, many of the machines requires careful treatment in order to work efficiently, AI and IoT together reduce the maintenance nightmares of the machines, overcome the sudden stop and predict the next forecast of the failure.

Your AI model in governance

AI distribute daily traffic patterns and avoid rush hours on a particular traffic pass, detect the national consumption and forecast the demand, AI models help in urban planning, the utilities that they need in cities properly calculate on the basis of the actual consumption and prevent the misuse of the essential resources for the nation

AI easily detect the resources underneath the earth which the nation urgently seeking, figure out the country's atmosphere for detecting the pollution level which causes of the environmental damage.

AI-enabled drones and devices to improve the cultivation of farmland, give accurate information of weather forecast, give the best prediction, when to seed the land, provides a pattern of other useful information in order to improve farmland production.

Your AI model in learning

There are many ways to improve the learning g process of students, and your AI model will definitely become the tool for improve the performance of the students, help out to build the foundation of essential skills, during the epidemic it is observed that remote learning is becoming easier than before.

AI model detects the participation level, rectifies the actual student interest and actual bottleneck of students during the learning process.

AI models give support to students while they try to learn to drive or academic learning provide accurate demands for new e-commerce store creation, detect the missing skill in a particular industry, and there are many situations you can find Your AI model best fit to the required application.

Your AI model In finance

AI models already done great jobs in financial systems, provide great support in the risk control system, loan approval, loan monitoring, early warning, and revenue forecast, AI + finance continues to reduce human intervention and gaining increasing R&D investment. AI provides a strategy to make changes in risk factors, scan existing customers, verify customer stickiness and reduced the overall customer acquisition costs.

AI+Algorithm resolve many technical difficulties that previously never observed in accounting systems, credit approval systems, and recovery system. Anti-fraud, fingerprints, and relationship graphs become easy when used with a good AI model.

Your AI model in advertising agencies

The advertising agencies need effective analysis systems where they filtering the conditions in order to achieve the objective, they want to improve the sales analysis, supplier analysis, purchase analysis all of them have a strong correlation with the AI model.

Many times an AI-enabled consideration beats the manual selection, overcomes the human disability, provides the perfect idea that works in a particular time frame, gives abilities to select the appropriate method for a new advertising campaign.

Your AI model in Medical care

AI-enabled Medical care is now progressing rapidly, every day you can find new devices that are working with algorithms and generate great results than in past produced by expert doctors. The new devices capable of giving the accurate result of your BP, diabetes, and other metrics which previously require the latest machinery to diagnose.

Wearable medical equipment, 5G, and the internet are becoming the focal points for the birth of new AI models daily, the gap between expert doctor and AI algorithm gets narrower, your newly discovered AI model will also find a suitable medical device for landing

Your AI model in the music industry

The music industry greatly benefited from AI models, you can re-examine various musical tones and your AI models synthesize the music with great mastery and change to the greatest extent, you can compose the music, remake the music styles based on the previous popular musical beats.

Due to tough competition in the music industry, there are several open-source software is available for AI-enabled music generations. From tone to rhythm everything you can change or edit, your AI model also finds a great place here.

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Sajjad Hussain

Written by

Digital Nomad

Technology Hits

Important, high-impact, informative, and engaging stories on all aspects of technology.

Sajjad Hussain

Written by

Digital Nomad

Technology Hits

Important, high-impact, informative, and engaging stories on all aspects of technology.

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