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The Best Bluetooth Keyboards for Android-TV

keyboards are a must for those pesky word searches

There comes a moment when the original remote that comes with your Android TV box or TV doesn’t really cut it when it comes to keyboard search and registering an App for viewing content. I have tried 5 aftermarket remotes that I have scattered throughout my home all depends on my feelings of use.

Here are the products :

  1. iPazzport Apache Bluetooth mini wireless keyboard. This model is cost-effective since it comes with a wireless dongle for legacy products that do not have Bluetooth. It has a rubberized chicklet small qwerty keyboard and a mouse touchpad to move the cursor around the screen as needed.

2. Vontar 2.4 GHz mini keyboard air mouse with GYRO mouse motion. A lot of these products tend to have extremely long titles. The manufacturer also sells the keyboards with less functionality they want you to make the right choice when purchasing. That said; This Keyboard remote has a traditional media smart remote with the most used functions on front. Change channel, volume -+Left, Right, Up, and Down. The underside has a Qwerty Keyboard for inputting text. One of its coolest functions is the use of gyro motion sensing for mouse control. For the kids a way to control the simplest games on Android-TV. The only downfall is it’s not Bluetooth a wireless dongle is used for your connection.

3. MINAX Neo A2 Lite 2.4 GHz Wireless Keyboard. This remote keyboard like the Vontar comes with a Dual-sided remote Qwerty keyboard underneath. It can directly talk with any MINAX streaming device. They graciously added a wireless remote dongle to it. Like you guess for products with no Bluetooth or direct connection. The Remote/Keyboard is backlit for use in the dark. This unit also provides a six-axis Gyroscope moving the mouse on-screen or playing a compatible game.

4. Rii i8 BT Mini Wireless Backlight Touchpad. Now, this mini Keyboard is so popular it’s recommended to be included with your must-carry tech for your backpack if you travel on a regular basis. Everything on the base Play Button wheel on the left; Directional Buttons on the right; Mousepad dead center. It has backlighting and Bluetooth and a wireless dongle included.

5. Logitech Mini Controller. This controller came out around the Birth of Google TV/Android TV. The two words changed hands every 5 years based on where it stands in the middle of apple tv and amazon Firestick of the world. The controller has classic remote play buttons on top. Right-click the stand-alone button. Cursor movement dial wheel and Qwerty keyboard dead center of the controller. The battery power is a square battery with a common type of cell phone battery or camera. In other words, it can be replaced. There’s no Bluetooth but comes with Logitech’s universal USB connector. Extremely difficult to purchase one of the best Android Keyboards I have tested and used.

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