Debunking iPhone Battery Myths

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5 min readAug 30, 2021

Battery Charging and Battery Health Myths

There are numerous theories about iPhone battery and battery health floating around the internet. Almost every Tech YouTuber has a different take on what could harm the Lithium-Ion Battery inside the iPhone. Most of them have a lot of contexts that they miss out so I decided I will just debunk the common battery myths and give context to some answers already out there:

  • Myth #1: Killing iPhone to 0% is Okay

No. It’s not. When your iPhone goes below 20%, you might see a pop-up on the screen asking you if you want to activate the lower-power mode. This is just to give you some extra time until you find a charger for your iPhone. Also, when you finally drop down to 0% and the iPhone shuts down, your iPhone is just preventing you from using it further and asking you to find a charger ASAP. It’s not going to deteriorate the battery health unless you keep it uncharged at 0% for hours after the shutdown. However, even one such complete battery drain can reduce battery health by some significant amount. If you wish to keep your iPhone with you for a long time without a battery replacement then this is something to be aware of. It’s just a matter of time until the iPhone can recalibrate the battery’s health.

So: When the iPhone finally shuts down at 0%, people may or may not make a priority to charge it instantly, depending on your priorities, which is why the lower-power mode pop-ups appear. Hence, it is advisable to not kill the battery all the way to 0%.

  • Myth #2: Any adapter and lightning cable are fine for charging

Actually, no. When it comes to lightning cables and adapters, it’s better to be a little careful while buying them. Some adapters, while being cheap, could have some really bad engineering within that may not be good at regulating voltage. Now again, iPhones like many other smartphones have an amazing charging mechanism and know when the phone is getting too hot to stop the charge but it’s still better to not make the adapter itself hot in case you have the habit of leaving your phone to charge for a long time.

Now cables usually are less probably to charging accidents. However, a bad connector at the end may be bad for the charging port of your iPhone. A loose connector could break off easily inside the iPhone’s charging port. If the gold…

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