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Gmail vs Outlook

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We all use Gmail and Outlook in daily life some people are unaware of its difference. So let’s find out the difference below.

We all use different apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, Messenger in our daily life for live communication but emails come up with great advantages when we talk about corporate sectors.

We all know mail communication is important for cooperates, students, businesses, and all other fields. Sometimes it is used as a valid document or as proof. Now, if you are confused and searching, what is the difference between Gmail and Outlook? Their features then you are going to get your answer below.

So before understanding the difference you need to know what is Gmail and Outlook?


Google Mail is a free email service provided by Google for all its users. We usually use this for mail communication over the internet as electronic mail. This is a web-based email service that can be accessed through any browser and their own Gmail app. It was created by Google LLC and provides you with 15 Gigabytes of storage for your email communications. Gmail is currently covering the 1.8 billion-user market.
Let us know the features and facts of Gmail.

• Easy layout and personalization features make it user-friendly
• Easily accessible from any browser and Gmail app.
• Free to use and 15 GBs of free storage which can be increased after subscription.
• Provides 30 Terabytes of storage as per subscription plans.
• Widely used for signing up Third-party applications.
• Work so seamlessly with all their other application

These are the basic features that make Gmail a great platform compared to other email servers. Now,


Outlook is software which is needed to be installed into your computer to use it and used as personal information manager software which was introduced by Microsoft. It gets installed into your system with the MS Office Suite pack and you don’t need to pay for it separately. It comes with Office 365, Office 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007. To use this software, you need to configure any email account with it, which can be from any email service provider. We can say this is used as an email client and provide a number of features to make your work easy.

Let us know about the features of Outlook.

• Outlook provides functions of Calendar, Task management, contact management, notes, plan-to-do list, and these features make your work so easy.
• You can configure any email account in this software and use all its features.
• Offline accessibility of all emails makes it safe and you can share any single mail by using copying and pasting methods.
• You can save your email data after making its .pst file for future use.
• Provides you with the feature of meeting scheduling with different users at the same time.
These are the basic feature of Outlook and hope you understand the difference between them.

Bonus Note: If your 15GBs Gmail account gets filled, just configure that account in Outlook and save its .pst file in your system. Boom! You got your 15 GBs for free.



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