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Technology Progress and Perspectives from Various States of North America

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Dr Mehmet Yildiz
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33 min readJul 21, 2021
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Introduction and Purpose

Technological changes make a substantial impact on the global economy. All developed countries have a significant focus on creating technological innovations. The global technology market is very competitive.

The US economy depends on technology substantially. As a result, many states have started major initiatives to ignite innovation and empower entrepreneurs. The most frequently mentioned technologies are artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data analytics, Mobility, Digital Media, Biotechnology, Telemedicine, and Cloud Computing.

We are now on the cusp of AI revolution.

IoT added a new dimension and more capabilities to AI. Robotics with the power of IоT dеvісе іntеgrаtіоn has elevated machine learning algorithms. With these innovative integrations, rоbоtѕ have started tо outsmart humаnѕ іn terms of соgnіtіvе сарасіtіеs.

As part of my digital intelligence project, I regularly research technology trends and transformation activities, document them and create articles informing residents of the states in North America.

I am pleased that these articles found a good home on NewsBreak. The platform gave high content value scores and distributed them to relevant states. Thus, these articles received substantial views from residents of those states.

On the other hand, unfortunately, the identical versions of these articles on Medium received only a handful of views as the algorithm did not seem to understand the importance of these topics and the research value of the content. I hope this collection can give an opportunity to readers on Medium interested in these important topics to access them easily.

In this post, I created a collection by sharing the links to these articles with a summary so that readers can choose articles that are interesting to them and find them…



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Technology Hits

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