The Only Fitness App You Need – It’s Free!

Here’s how I built it

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6 min readOct 23, 2021


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I’ll get straight to it. Simply navigate to, select your workout parameters, click Generate Workout, and away you go! No account required. No data harvesting or trackers. Just free and varied workouts to inspire your fitness journey. It’s open source, too!

Tell me more

Happily. I’ve designed the app to generate semi-random workouts based on a bank of categorised exercises and according to pre-programmed, proven workout formats (think pyramids, Tabata, circuits etc). I say semi-random because the workouts have to abide by certain rules (the pre-programmed formats), but still ‘randomly’ choose from the exercises that are filtered according to the input parameters (e.g. cardio, 30 minutes, full body, intermediate).

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What a way to make it sound boring, right?

I promise it’s not, and encourage you to give it a whirl. I’ve been known to continually click the Re-Generate Workout button, curiously waiting on the next workout result (it’s addictive and is seriously hampering productivity at this point).

Why make it free?

I, like many others, have relied heavily on home workouts recently and have gotten mildly frustrated with the lack of variation in realtime video-based workouts. Once you’ve done them, it becomes tiresome to listen to the trainers make the same jokes at the same points! Perhaps you can relate. To minimise waffle, I’ve summarised the why in three categories:

Selflessly — To allow for wider and more inclusive access to fitness resources.

Selfishly — To improve my full-stack web development skills and to relieve the boredom of video-based workouts.

Environmentally — Perhaps providing this tool empowers others to engage with home workouts, meaning they don’t need to travel to a gym to workout.

General Tips

Due to the ‘random-ish’ nature of the program, a few things need to be considered. I’ve summarised some tips:



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