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Tool Communication Interface in e-series Universal Robots

Photo by Simon Kadula on Unsplash
  1. Download the URCap file attached here:-
  2. Transfer the URCaps file to the Robot controller with the help of this reference here.
  3. Once the URCaps file is loaded successfully you will be able to see the output in the teach pendant saying that “RS-485 daemon runs”. Similar to the output shown below:-
The output denotes the successful working of the RS-485 daemon.
  1. 6 → helped in socket python code
    2) Socket Programming in Python — GeeksforGeeks 2 → helped in socket python code
  2. GitHub — UniversalRobots/Universal_Robots_ToolComm_Forwarder_URCap: Utility to forward the UR Tool Communication Interface (RS-485) to a remote PC. 28 → the URCap package that we used
  3. GitHub — BomMadsen/URCap-ToolCommunicationInterface: URCap sample that demonstrates assuming control and using the RS485 TCI interface on e-Series robots. 32 → gives a code-level understanding of the URCap daemon (XmlRpc, /dev/ttyTool, etc)



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