6 Words to Change the World — Issue #40

Confine yourself to the present. — M. Aurelius

For better or worse, I’ve always been the type of man to throttle down and take action.

Look up, look around, take action. 6 words I thread throughout my day. Assessing a situation, developing a plan, then executing is what separates the heard. The productive from the busy.

Look up, take note of your surroundings. If you’re helping others, there’s room for joy. Look around, if you find yourself slighted time and again by the same circumstance, it’s time to take note. Take action, no plan is perfect. Well-intentioned plans can go sideways quickly. That shouldn’t stop us from a campaign of improvement.

Invest 45 seconds, discover new resources to beef up your communication game. If you decide to “Throttle down” and make necessary change, share with us on Education Hunt. It’s good to hear from the troops, especially when we get a win. Email your victories to igniteduval@gmail.com or Twitter.

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HelpSite.io: Make a Knowledge Base / Support Center — for free! — helpsite.io

Sometimes a question is just a question. If you’ve found yourself explaining a process or procedure more than once, you need Helpsite. Create a support center for your team, Helpsite is equal parts beautiful and helpful.


The mother of your favorite 6th grader is craving intel. Eagerness to mold her progeny could be mistaken for ill will, but you know better than that. You understand the craving for information is a blessing, a fast pass to increasing engagement.

You’re also clever enough to dictate the terms of engagement. Passing on the volley of email for something more efficient and user-friendly. You’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to strike. The iron is now hot.

Create An Awesome Support Center

Build it and they will come. Building a help center takes minutes and as a bonus Helpsite is beautiful and simple to navigate. Establishing FAQS with a Knowledge Base is a win for students and their eager parents. Even the Tiger mom from your 1a World History class will be able to find all of the answers she needs and wants, in one easy to access location.

Recycle Old Emails into New FAQS

Make less, not more work for yourself. Recycle content of previous emails explaining class process and procedures. Create categories, then add articles. Emails from the past now illuminate a path with context, providing students and their families clear guidance.

Create a category for Homework. Establish and communicate high expectations for late work, grading, how to view grades, how to receive support, explain the difference between 0 and NG… You get the idea. If you’ve explained it, you’d be wise to capture and catalog explanations for future use.

The admin panel has zero learning curve. Include text, links, and other media. Parents may search for their answers in the search box. Helpsite may work with your existing website. Let us know what you think on Twitter.



Your students hate writing. Truth be told, you hate reading their writing. Providing targeted feedback to improve writing is no small task. It’s a beast.

Exercise in Frustration

Further complicating the matter, students hate reading your feedback. It’s an unvirtuous cycle. Expresso is a practical tool to edit and analyze text. If your feedback could use a shot of structure, Expresso is worth checking out.

33 Metrics to freedom.

Expresso isn’t a hack or gimmick to improve writing. Students craving encouragement will get after it, you just need to show them how. Expresso provides practical techniques acting as a map, highlighting the first steps students need to get after it. High impact feedback in easy a comfortable format.

Instant Feedback. Discipline equals freedom. Developing discipline in writing can take time. For some students, time isn’t an available resource. EXPRESSO may serves instant, high-quality feedback.

Individual Attention

Maybe better than quantity, is the quality. More than speed students crave individualized feedback. Expresso shines explaining WHY an edit is necessary. Baby steps. Students develop understanding, small changes lead to dynamic writing.

Solid writing is an art. Using metrics blindly will not develop the next Hemmingway. Expresso may be the extra boost your students deserve. Check it out, share on Facebook and be sure to tag Education Hunt.

Awards awwwards

NASA: Prospect — nasaprospect.com 
 NASA: Prospect

When did life become so complicated? Maybe it’s the same as it ever was, only now we’re situationally aware. We’ve seen it all.

Simple doesn’t have to equal common. NASA: Prospect is a perfect mid-day exploration. Parallax your way through our solar system. You’ll have to visit to see what I mean.

NASA:Prospect was created by students for a competition, Humans in Space Art Competition. The web design is simple yet light years away from common.

Tear through neighboring planets, boom box in hand. NASA:Prospect wont make life less complicated. It will impress, offering a fresh interpretation. You may even see something you haven’t seen before.

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