Mind — Compute — Consciousness — Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As we all begin to sit down with a pencil and a butcher paper to map out what our 2016 looks like, I invite you to watch and learn the following topics as eloquently explained by none other than our own Joscha Bach.

Grab your favourite drink, sit down somewhere comfortable and enjoy the experience the whole experience …consider this a pre-party prior to the NYE party.

In this article, I am sharing with you 3 conversations in reverse canonical order …present to past …and several questions are explored.

Three Conversations

  1. Computation Meta-Psychology: Finding meaning using AI
  2. Computation Consciousness: Computation to Consciousness
  3. Artificial Intelligence Reloaded: How to build a Mind

Several Questions explored in these conversations

  1. How does our mind work?
  2. Drama that divided the planet?
  3. Does our minds know the difference between truth and meaning?
  4. What is the nature of reality?
  5. What can we know?
  6. Who are we?
  7. What should we do?
  8. Why should we build AI?
  9. How can we build AI?
  10. When is AI going to succeed?
  11. What are the ingredients of AI?
  12. Where should you start?
Finding meaning using ‘Artificial Intelligence’
From ‘Computation’ to ‘Consciousness’
How to build a ‘Mind’

My special thanks to Joscha Bach who has taken a personal interest and mission to learn this subject, postulate his hypothesis, share his work freely, build a framework for thinking and essentially manifesting ones’ thinking in this subject using old and new technologies.

I amongst others look forward to his continued work and contribution in this field.

As you’ll be inspired to share your thoughts, comments, questions …I invite you to reach out.

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