What Can I Do On My Chromebook when It is Offline?

Just a imagination of being offline is sometimes scary because our lives are somewhat becoming more dependable of Internet.

Recently, Google introduced its Chrome OS and devices running Chrome OS named Chromebooks. Chrome OS is internet based operating system.It runs similar as the Chrome browser which we use regularly.

I tried my hands over the device and it works great and has a simpler interface.It runs smoothly when connected to web as it is built relying on web.

After a week of use I was stuck at a question what happens to the Chromebook when I don’t have a web connection.I started finding ways to use it when not connected and yes I cam with something which will benefit other users to make things work for them.

This message is really scary !!

What I can do with my Chromebook when offline ??

  • View photos
  • Edit Photos
  • Watch movies
  • Play music
  • Read books
  • View Microsoft Word documents
  • Edit MS Word documents
  • View Microsoft Excel documents
  • Edit MS Excel documents
  • View PDFs
  • Play Games
  • Use multiple native apps

Install Offline Chromebook Apps

There are Chrome apps designed to work perfect even when you are offline. Here are the top 10 Chrome Apps for your Chromebook.

  1. Pocket: Pocket has a neat Chrome app that lets you read articles offline. If you are a Pocket user, there is no need of introduction here. It is the same Pocket experience that you get on iOS or Android
  2. Pixlr Touch Up: Smart, easy offline photo editor. Touch up, clone, crop, re-size, rotate, adjust color, add effects, and more.
  3. Wunderlist for Chrome: Your beautiful and simple to-do list app, now as a Chrome app.
  4. Any.DO: Another world famous to-do list app as a Chrome app!
  5. Google Keep: The note taking app from Google that we all have a lot of hope on. Google has an elegant Chrome App for Google Keep.
  6. Google+ Photos: Upload and share photos from Chrome. There is a lot more expected from this app as well.
  7. Marqueed Screenshots: Simple screenshot sharing and discussion.
  8. Type Fu: Type Fu is an app that will teach you how to type fast. The right way. Directly in your browser.
  9. The Economist: Free to download, and includes free access to the editor’s picks, a selection of articles from each week’s edition of The Economist.
  10. Songist: A music player for your Chromebook.
  11. Enable Offline Support for Google Docs on Chromebook
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