Technology + Liberal Arts

If there is an intersection, it is up to us to map it.

3 things I hate about Safari Web Brower.

Seriously, how can Apple overlook these 3 things?

I’ve been an avid Google Chrome user on every device I browse the…

Two sides to every story 

A vision for a new way to publish journalism

The world needs a new way of publishing and distributing longform journalism. We’re still…

Timeless Advice to Young Men and Women in Science from Edward.O.Wilson

Writers, even those who inhabit rarefied heights in literary pantheons are not loathe to share their personal insights about the art of their trade. But it is a bit different in science though. Scientists, especially those who were at the cutting edge of their domains for decades are not known to write especially…

I Made Frozen Fish Fillets For Lunch 

Here’s What It Looked Like. (Apologies to Business Insider.)

[Inspired by this]: It was noon. Like on most days when I’m writing a column, I had forgotten to eat. I was starving. What was I going to do?

I looked around the kitchen and found it essentially bare—there were leftovers I didn’t want to eat…

We don’t Live in an Emergency Room and Other Maxims for Life

A lightweight collection of practical and witty maxims 

I am a compulsive note taker and collector of quotes. Last week I started sorting them, separating the long ones from the maxims . Midway through the process a thought passed through my mind: “what use is collecting anything if not shared…

What do you do?

A conversation I keep having.

The following is near-verbatim from a conversation I have had numerous times since joining Ideapod team a month ago…

“The Story of Now”

A review of the global Coffee Shop

I was heart broken when a renowned Pakistani writer, Masood Asher, critiqued against Social Media. After weeks…

The Wabi Sabi Edge

(An earlier version of this blog post appeared on BrandedNoise)

The Ise Grand Shrine — a Shinto Shrine — in Ise, Mie prefecture in Japan has been…

Medium’s Public Rollout and PubMed’ Commenting System: Why They Will Disrupt Publishing and Science 

This week could turn out to be a watershed moment for two very closely related yet distinct communities: Publishing and Science.

First, I will list the events and then tell in as few words as I can why I feel they are potentially disruptive.

The Act of Description

The benefits of living in a hyper-connected world where everyone can access the world’s information and communicate in real time has obvious benefits that don’t need repeating. At the same time, I notice that the advantages of speed and access can also homogenize our most intimate expressions. Here are three classroom examples:

Drawing a Still Life

The web needs fluent audio

We treat audio in an old fashioned way. It’s time to innovate!

Anyone designing for the web needs to have some serious skills in…

Fear of Coding

Why every new journalist should learn how to code, no matter how hard

Let me tell you what I did today at work. I wrote a few things. I edited a…

A Labour Of Love, For The Love Of Art

Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ Reproduced From 3500 Hubble Telescope Images

Defining Digital Humanities

The top ideas and practices that begin to describe DH. (Version 2.0)

The Digital Humanities remediates art(ifacts) through a…

Social Media: Top Ten Practices

My list of best practices for faculty in higher education teaching with social media.

When Planes Hit Puberty

How the Jet Engine Changed Planes

Modern planes have jet engines, but the first jet planes weren’t modern. They were propeller planes that…

How a remote control with just one button could make your TV great again

Yes, just one, big, nice button. The manual would say one thing: “Press the button”. Here’s…

Tapping and Swiping 

Three observations about the smartphone

When I was in middle school, I would hear people older than me analyze Myspace and Facebook, and think…

Technology + Liberal Arts
Technology + Liberal Arts

If there is an intersection, it is up to us to map it.

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