Digital Reinvention: Ideas in Action

Digital technologies have altered how people and businesses interact. Digital forces have created unprecedented levels of industry dislocation and are fundamentally changing business economics. Back in 2013, the IBM Institute for Business Value introduced the concept of Digital Reinvention in a study of the same name. The study highlighted a profound economic shift over recent decades.

Markets have evolved from organizational centricity, in which manufacturers and service providers largely define what to produce and market to customers; through individual centricity, in which empowered consumers demand insight-driven, customized experiences; and into a radically different economic environment today, which the study defined as the everyone-to-everyone (E2E) economy. This is a key component of the New Normal.

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My Curated List of Business Technology Podcasts

If you’re like me, you crave information and guidance about lessons learned from the bold pioneers in the ongoing quest for digital transformation nirvana. I have eclectic interests that span across a wide variety of business technology-related topics. That said, one common thread is my desire to learn from progressive industry analysts and the CIOs and CTOs who are proven trailblazers.

I’ve recently returned to podcasts as a source of inspiration. The following is a list of podcast publishers that I’ve curated. While I’m eagerly anticipating IBM Think 2020 to occur during May 5–6, I’ve been inspired by the thoughtful and insightful commentary that’s captured in these audio programs. I trust that you will find them to be equally rewarding.

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The Six Five with Patrick Moorhead and Daniel Newman — Leading global tech analysts Patrick Moorhead (Moor Insights & Strategy) and Daniel Newman (Futurum Research) are front and center on The Six Five analyzing the tech industry’s biggest news each and every week and also conducting interviews with tech industry ‘insiders’ on a regular basis.

Technovation with Peter High (CIO, CTO, CDO, CXO Interviews) — Weekly conversations with top executives and thought leaders at the intersection of business, technology, and innovation. Each episode of Technovation explores the technology trends that are transforming business, and the leaders driving digital change inside their organizations.

CIO Leadership Live — Maryfran Johnson, executive director of CIO programs at IDG, hosts CIO Leadership Live, a twice-monthly podcast featuring an in-depth interview focused on leadership, innovation and business strategy.

State of the CIO — features senior IT professionals from leading organizations across America. Talking points on the show include the role of the CIO in business transformation, innovative AI implementation, and consumer engagement as a path to growth.

Ask the CIO — Federal News Network executive editor Jason Miller talks to federal chief information officers about the latest technology trends and issues facing their agencies.

The CIO in the Know Podcast — An insightful podcast that takes a provocative, but pragmatic look at the intersection of business and technology.

The New Stack Context — Review of the week’s news in cloud-native technologies and at-scale application development. Editors put context around the stories they’re covering and look ahead to topics that will gain more attention in the coming weeks.

Screaming in the Cloud — with Corey Quinn features conversations with domain experts in the world of Cloud Computing. Topics discussed include the “why” behind how businesses are coming to think about the Cloud.

Gartner ThinkCast — Each episode puts you at the intersection of business and technology with insights from the experts on how to build a more successful organization, team and career in the Digital Era.

IDC TechTalk — This is a podcast series for techies. Here you’ll connect with their leading analysts talking about trends and challenges faced by the IT industry today.

What It Means — The age of the customer isn’t a tagline — it’s a fundamental shift in the market that is forcing companies and executives to change course. Forrester examines those changes, what they mean, and what executives can do about them.

The McKinsey Podcast — Their new flagship podcast series, takes you inside this global firm, and features conversations with experts on issues that matter most in business and management.

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