Technology OnRamp — Goals for 2017

It’s year one! Here are our goals, important metrics and key performance indicators.

Tech OnRamp Goals

For the Technology OnRamp to be viable we need a way for candidates to enter and somewhere to go when they exit. The idea is that a candidate will enter with limited technology skills and exit with a tech sector job placement. We need to start building and testing both sides of the ramp in 2017.

The challenges with entering the onramp include qualifying candidates and matching their aptitude with technology positions in their area as well as having projects for them to train on. In 2017 our first goal is to

1. Build and maintain a minimum stable of 5 active and engaged candidates at all times.

Our second goal in 2017 is to

2. Exit 5 candidates with job placements.

If we can successfully level up five candidates through our 90 day leadership and technology training program we will have a minimum viable platform.

Our last goal is to find a large technology company who is looking to place > 100 people in 2017 and

3. conduct an experiment whereby they can evaluate hires from the technology onramp program against hires from traditional recruiters.

This is our stretch goal to be sure but would prove to be an invaluable case study.

StartOBX Goals

Our StartOBX initiative will serve as a proof of concept for the Technology OnRamp Internship program in a specific geographic location; Outer Banks, North Carolina. The goal is to

4. Partner with a tech leader in OBX, Umbrella Consultants, and then work with local OBX businesses to host a summer internship program that will be responsible for completing a block of 2500 billable hours in technology related fields while contributing to the OBX community and economy.

We are really excited about this project and the potential to lay the foundation for something that can take on a life of its own within the Outer Banks.

Tech OnRamp Community Goals

We are building a community with as home base. We will focus on these website engagement metrics for our visitors.

5. Newsletter signup conversion rate —target 6%.

This metric will indicate that folks are interested in what we are doing and want to join the community.

6. Blog post scroll depth — target 60%.

This metric will indicate that our content is valuable and being read.

7. Blog post comments —target 3 comments per post.

This metric will indicate that our community members want to contribute and engage in our topics.

We also intend to track the following community engagement metrics for our candidates and founding team:

8. Thirty blog posts published by onramp candidates and or community members.
9. Thirty relationships formed with tech and industry leaders through podcast interviews.
10. Ten educational establishments (coding schools, incubators, etc) visited in an effort to learn more about the technology education sector.

Tech OnRamp Marketing Goals

There are three types of marketing channels that we are trying to unlock.

  • Channels to find and attract candidates
  • Channels to find and attract technology firms who want to work our candidates while they train
  • Channels to find technology firms who want to hire our candidates

Our marketing goal is to

11. experiment and identify 15 marketing channels that yield a conversion rate above 4% for a specific call to action

Leadership in Tech Podcast Goals

The podcast will not attempt to generate revenue in 2017 nor will it attempt to attract sponsors. Instead we will focus on these questions:

  • Is our podcast generating traffic to our sites?
12. Target 3% conversion rate from podcast listener to tech onramp visitor
  • Are visitors from our podcast converting to community members?
13. target an 5% conversion rate for newsletter subscriptions

Only thirteen tiny goals! It is going to be a busy year. Let’s have some fun.

I am offering my time to talk on the phone and brainstorm about ways to improve the technology onramp as well as offer career advice for those seeking to get into the technology sector. If you are interested in chatting please schedule an appointment here.

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