Criminalizing Abortion Is Really About Deterring Women From Having Recreational Sex

For the religious fundamentalists “sex outside of marriage” and “an unwanted child” = Crime and Punishment

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  1. The arguments one-hundred seventy years ago for and against slavery, and
  2. The arguments today for and against legal abortion.
  • They oppose sex education because it tells young people how to have sex without getting pregnant and they want the fear of pregnancy to be a deterrent to young people having recreational sex.
  • They oppose the easy availability of condoms and other types of birth control because they make it easier for women to have sex outside of marriage.
  • They oppose the availability of a pill that prevents a fertilized egg from growing into a fetus because that pill makes it easier for women to have recreational sex without the fear of an unwanted pregnancy.
  • A woman does not get pregnant unless the man chooses to have sex with her. She cannot force him to get an erection and penetrate her.
  • A woman does not get pregnant unless the man chooses not to use a condom.
  • A woman does not have a child she cannot support unless the man refuses to support that child.
  • Young women not be educated about how to avoid getting pregnant,
  • Young women not be provided with the devices that will allow them to avoid getting pregnant,
  • Women not be allowed to have medication that will prevent the growth of the fertilized egg,
  • Women not be allowed to terminate a pregnancy,

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