Republicans, Just Admit You Think That Easy Access To Guns Is Worth The Lives Of Dead Children

Hypocrites say how sorry they are for the dead kids then go out and vote for guys like Ted Cruz

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By David Grace (Amazon PageDavid Grace Website)

Stand Up For What You Believe

People need to own up to the consequences and the costs of their actions.

If you sincerely believe in something, don’t weasel around with phony-baloney arguments and denials.

Hold your head up high and say it like you think it is.

In A World Where Driving A Vehicle Is Deemed To Be A Constitutional Right

Suppose driving a vehicle was deemed to be a constitutional right and that without training, without testing, without licensing, any adult had the unfettered right to drive any car, any truck, and any bus they wanted to anytime, anyplace.

Suppose that there were no laws preventing incompetents, blind people, maniacs, drug addicts, or drunks from getting behind the wheel of any car, truck or bus any time they wanted.

Sure, if they ran somebody over they could be arrested after the fact, but the police couldn’t stop them from getting behind the wheel in advance or stop them from driving again at any time in the future.

Horrible Crashes Would Be News

Of course, there would be horrible carnage from drunks, crazy people, unskilled and untrained people, reckless people, etc. driving badly. Each time there would be lots of hand-wringing, memorials, prayers, and sad faces, but then life would go on just like before.

Some people would demand that drivers should have to be trained and licensed, but the supporters of the universal, unfettered right of anyone to drive any vehicle, anywhere, any time would oppose any restrictions on the right to drive.

Some Would Deny That Licensing Drivers Would Reduce Highway Deaths

And, of course, the supporters of everyone, without exception, having an inviolate constitutional right to drive any car, bus or truck they wanted without limit or restriction would deny that this policy had anything to do with these horrific crashes.

They would point to this crash or that crash and say, “Making that particular driver get a driver’s license would not have prevented that particular disaster. Sorry for all the dead people, but making people get trained, pass a test, and have to get and keep a license would do nothing to reduce the carnage on our highways.”

“No,” they would say, “the problem is crazy people or sick people who will always find a way to get behind the wheel whether or not drivers had to be licensed, so licensing drivers would do nothing to reduce the number of these horrible crashes. Now, let’s get out our bibles and let’s say another prayer for those poor dead people.”


Give me a break.

Every single one of you knows that this argument is pure, 100% crap.

Everyone of you knows that there would be a massive difference in highway crashes, injuries and deaths between

  • (1) a system that required people to pass a test, get and maintain a driver’s license, including a higher level of training for a license to drive a big rig or a bus versus that for an ordinary car, and
  • (2) this unlicensed free-for-all system.

Just Admit That You Think Your Idea Of Unlicensed Drivers’ Freedom Is Worth The Lives It Costs

So, please, 86 the hypocrisy and admit:

  • “Yes, there would be many fewer crashes, injuries and deaths if we required drivers to be trained, pass a test, and maintain a license, but that’s less important that the unfettered freedom of anyone and everyone to drive any vehicle, anywhere, any time.
  • “The unrestricted freedom to drive is more important than preventing the additional injuries and deaths that the unlicensed-driver system brings. Sorry, but our freedom to drive is worth the cost of additional dead and injured people.”

As least if you admitted that, you would actually be standing up for what you believe and admitting that you think keeping the unlicensed-driver system is worth the cost of those additional injuries and deaths.

Take Responsibility For The Consequences Of Your Beliefs

And when some crazy person or drunk driver kills fifteen or twenty people in a spectacular crash just admit that your support for the unlicensed-driver system makes you partially responsible for those deaths, but you think that’s OK because you believe that the freedom to drive without a license is worth the price it exacts in human lives.

Admit that when you vote for politicians who protect the unlicensed-driver system your vote makes you partially responsible for the additional crashes that the unlicensed-driver system causes, but that is OK because you have decided that those additional injuries and deaths are an acceptable price to pay in exchange for people having the freedom to drive without training or a license.

Stand up and say:

  • “Yes, my vote for Senator So-And-So who will do everything he can to prevent requiring car, truck and bus drivers from ever having to get a license makes me partially responsible for those additional deaths, but that’s OK because I believe that those additional deaths are less important than everyone having the freedom to be an unlicensed, untrained driver.”

Then, at least, you wouldn’t be a hypocrite.

The Hypocrisy Is The Same With You Opposing Licensing People To Use Guns As You Opposing Licensing People To Drive Cars

Take Responsibility For The Costs Of Your Beliefs

So, here’s the thing: You people who voted for guys like Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley similarly need to stand up and say, “Yes, I’m partially responsible for those children being murdered in schools and supermarkets and concerts and churches, but their deaths are a price that I think is worth paying to make sure that everyone has the unfettered right to buy any firearm of any kind at any time anywhere.

Shout it out: “Yes, by voting for those politicians I admit that I’m partially responsible for those kids’ deaths, but that’s OK because their deaths are a price worth paying to protect the unrestricted right of anyone, anytime, to buy and use a gun anywhere.”

Just stop the BS and admit it.

You believe that the mass-shooting deaths, the police-officer deaths, the random gun violence are a price worth paying to maintain the unrestricted availability of anyone, anywhere to buy any firearm at anytime.

So if that’s what you believe, go out there with your head held high and admit that voting for politicians like Ted Cruz makes you partially responsible for those deaths, but that’s OK because that’s a price you’re willing to make other people pay to protect the availability of any gun to anyone, any time, anywhere.

Stop Being A Hypocrite

But please, cut out all the “I’m so sorry about those dead kids” and “My keeping Ted Cruz-type politicians in office has nothing to do with their being murdered.”

That’s cowardly, lying, BS hypocrisy.

Just admit that you think that protecting access to any guns, anywhere, anytime, for everyone is more important than those dead kids’ lives.

You know this is what you think, so shout it out:

  • Hey, we’re all sorry that those kids are dead but patriotic Americans need unfettered access to assault rifles more than those few kids need their lives.”

Man up and admit that’s what you think, then you can go out there, head held high, and vote for the Ted Cruzes of this world all you want.

— David Grace (Amazon PageDavid Grace Website)

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