Technonerds — Now on Medium

I walked out of the shower today with a new goal — to revive Technonerds, and re-develop a community around it.

In the last four years, Technonerds has played a big part of my life story. However, the grind came to a halt quickly under the tens of new activities I started doing at UBC.

Technonerds is a very personal creation, fuelled by my experiences with friends and family. My intention has always been about sharing what I know and love about technology, and letting the Technonerds community add value to it. I no longer want to operate it like a news website. I want it to be a blog for storytelling about the digital age.

Here on, stories on Technonerds will be posted on Medium. I chose Medium because it is a no-bullshit platform for quality content. I love how Unsplash and freeCodeCamp operate on this platform, and I am a big fan of the clean, minimal look and Unsplash integration for photos.

For everyone who is reading this, or has read blogs on the Technonerds website before, I thank you.

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New content flowing in. Oh boy, I have so much to tell you!

If you want to contribute — maybe you want to put down a piece on that phone you just bought, or want to share a story about the tech startup you are heading, hit me up and I will get you onboard.