How 17,000 people gave out their phone numbers publicly on Facebook.

Online privacy is dead.

Online privacy is dead, it came down with a slow and painful death.

There was a time where people were afraid to use their real identities and information on the internet.

But today people give out their information without a send thought.

Recently there were two similar occasions whee it crossed the red line in public.

One was a fake Facebook page created to look like a fake contest to giving away a BMW and the contestants had to comment their mobile phone number on the post.

The post took off for some reason with more than 20,000 shares and more than 17,000 people commenting their mobile phone numbers.

It takes only a few minutes to collect these mobile phone numbers from the Facebook post and this can be done anyone.

But the creators of the fake page can collect the numbers including the user information of the people who commented on it.

17,000 people lost their marbles on Facebook.

But when looking at the post there are some questions that comes to my mind that I can’t seem to find answers

  • How can a post like this went this viral? Even when you can’t get this much reach on Facebook even if you payed a really big amount of money.
  • How come people even think of commenting their mobile phone numbers on a public forum without giving it a second thought?
  • How come people even think the post is real when it looks fake even for a 6 year old just by looking at it? and went on sharing and commenting on it anyway.

The only answer I can come up with is most people are unaware how this information is valuable of advertisers and how this information is not

This may not be a data breach but more to do with the way people think. But still it goes on to show how easily people can be manipulated on the internet.

Even after reporting to Facebook by multiple users that I personally know the post is still up and running.


Update : The post has been removed from Facebook

We were able to scrape nearly 17,500 mobile phone numbers.


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