How’s iPhone SE placed for indian buyers ?

Today Apple launched iPad pro 9.7 inch , apple watch bands ,iOS 9.3 and other app updates . But the most significant product which was launched was iPhone SE . iPhone SE is iPhone 6S’s small brother . The same specifications but with smaller display . iPhone SE does not particularly differentiate itself from iPhone 5s regarding the look and feel of the phone except the aluminium finish .The 399$ price tag is good for USA but in india where apple is looking to expand its market share , the price tag is not cheap for indian customers. iPhone SE is expected to cost at least Rs33000 (calculating approximate duty on the 399$ valuation of iPhone SE) . iPhone SE would not have much impact in indian market where people are very considerate on spending a lot on phones and have a pre determined budget .Lot of indian buyers go for larger screens at low price and not vice versa . For people who still want to experience iPhone you could go for iPhone 6s as many eCommerce sites offer deals for iPhone 6s as low as 39000 after cash back . So with less price difference you might get a bigger and better iPhone 6S.

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