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How to get accepted into Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador Programme.👨‍🎓👨‍💻

Edit: Find the video version of this article here

Hi there !
In this article, I would be helping you to get your applications accepted into the programme.
Who Am I? I got rejected for two times. Later on third time, I received the acceptance mail for this programme.

Before that, what is Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador Programme and Why one should apply for it. 👨‍🎓

Microsoft’s core mission is to “ make people achieve more.” And this programme is one of the steps to make this core mission successful. With direct involvement with the future of technology, students.


Why Student Ambassadors Programme?🙋‍♂️🤷‍♂️

Finding your community is more important than ever as classes and social activities take place virtually. Amplifying your impact and bring together your peers to learn new skills, solve real-world problems, and build communities across the globe.

Agreed, there are so many technical communities in the universities and schools, then what is the difference between a usual community, and this programme.

Lets talk about the things you can achieve being in Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors Programme.

  1. First thing, you will get something like this here
  2. Global Level Networking with like minded students and professionals from Microsoft. As we know, effective networking is the most crucial part in today's world. Being in the programme, you will be interacting with lots of other ambassadors, across the globe. And also employees working at Microsoft too.
  3. Grow your skills by learning from various learning paths for the student ambassadors and build your reputation as a tech insider
  4. Become a leader in your local tech community and empower your peers
  5. Milestone(Alpha, Beta and Gold) benefits like, a personal domain name, Snag It and Camtasia and Microsoft’s Swag kit etc is obvious. You will get more information about milestones, after your acceptance.
  6. Helps in creating your own personal brand and also learn technical skills along with.

Lets Get Started.🙌😤

As I said, I will be helping you to get your application stand out and getting selected. So lets deep dive.
Click here to go to student ambassadors website and click on apply. You will be asked to sign in through your Microsoft account and after this your screen will look like this.
Important Points
At least ≥16 years old.
2. Valid Identification
3. Enrolled in Academic Institution (Full Time)(Can be MS, PhD Students too.)
4. US F1 Students have extra requirements for eligibility, you can check out in below image.
5. If you are applying in November, your acceptance will be in April, or if you are applying in April, your acceptance will be in August.

After this, you need to fill your general info and academic institution details.

Most Important Sections😲😊

Now we have come to the most important sections which will make you stand out of the crowd is Written Sample, Social Media and Additional Info.
Initially my first two failures were because of this sections only. So I request you all to take around two months at least if you don’t have any idea how to do it. Figure out what excites you in technology, it can be a simple HTML page too. But how you express it, will make your application stand out of the crowd.

First of all, you are given three sections under Written Sample, Inspire, Teach and Promote. In each section you have to either write a written sample or a video or it can be both too.

But at least overall there should be one video recorded with phone or webcam and your voice is clearly audible.

😅 As I love sharing what I learn, so I gave written samples for Inspiration and Promote sections. A video and a written sample for Teach section.

Well Lets get back to Inspire section.😎
I would focus on giving yourself a bit time in this, and do deep thinking of what excites you in technology and why do you want others to use that technology. Be specific, strong and avoid those general answers which you can find on Google. Because being specific to the technology will make your application stand out of the crowd.

For example, you love working with ReactJS. So try to think deep, what makes u feel excited about ReactJS and why you want others to use it.

About Teach Section👨‍🏫
Now you know, you love that specific technology, and why you want others to use it, its time to do some hands on work. And make a video showing how you teach and as well as write up too, about your methodologies in teaching. Make sure you show the code samples too while making video.

For example, in video you can focus on lets see what all ReactJS is about and write our first react application.

How will you promote.💁‍♂️📣
This is totally dependent on individual that, how he or she can promote through posters,or custom messaging on whats app, or webinar or communities or through college administration. Its all up to the individual.

For example, Being into different communities like, FOSSASIA, etc. It was easy for promoting to almost .
PS. You can too join such communities, by signing up here

Lets move on to, Social Information🎇👩‍🔬📝

So if you are a new into this, I would say spend some time in exploring that specific and writing about application you made from that in a blog post and this section is also important because, this shows about your personal brand.

To be honest, you must be practising, personal branding, before doing the community branding.

In my case, I wrote this as my technical blog post:

Final Step 😁😁😁

Under Additional Information, you are suppose to select at least one of the following technologies. And then its optional but I prefer that you should write something about your hobbies, because this will show them how dynamic individual you are.

So guys that’s all. I hope you would get selected for the upcoming cohort of ambassadors.

All the Best !

Feel Free, you can reach me out here too.

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Student Ambassador Profile

Or if you you feel more comfy to mail, I am glad you can write here too



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