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  1. From iOS 11. We have the Metal Performance Shaders training graph. It seems like a great choice but GRU doesn’t work in MPS. Since inference on CPU is much faster for recurrent nets and Metal uses GPU, I am not sure that it is better in training than CPU for recurrent nets. Also, it is iOS/macOS only.
  2. From iOS 14. Owwwhh. Apple did a great job for NN training in this update. They updated BNNS, appended MLCompute. They added a Metal Performance Shaders Graph as well. But all these libs work on Apple devices only and starting from iOS 14 which is not very good. Also, all of them ignore my favorite GRU.
  • Conv1d;
  • BatchNorm;
  • RNN;
  • GRU;
  • LSTM;
  • Bidirectional;
  • Activation;
  • Dense;
  • TimeDistributedDense;
  • <Layer>CreateForInference; <Layer>CreateForTraininig (it allocates data for cache and accepts data with batch size > 1),
  • <Layer>ApplyInference, <Layer>ApplyTrainingBatch;
  • <Layer>CreateGradient, <Layer>CalculateGradient;
  • destroy functions
  • Cross-platform. It works on any iOS and Android device;
  • Opensource. Feel free to contribute and make it better;
  • Tiny. It’s really small since it’s written in C;
  • ARM NEON acceleration. Maybe I will support AVX in the future or you can help me with this;
  • It has a great performance on Apple devices because of using Accelerate framework.




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