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Headphone damages ears. Beware!!!

ajority of the people of different age group use headphones. People love to listen to music as it impacts the mind and emotion. People use headphones to listen to loud music and watch videos without disturbing others. Listening to something using any kind of gadget while commuting has become more common these days. Not only during commuting but also while working in computer people use headphones. To sum it up, headphone has become one of the most important accessories that people carry with them without fail. Do you think headphones cause hearing loss? Let’s see.

After doing a research on this, The Verge has come up with the following information that is most important to heed.

The continuous usage of headphones can cause hearing loss. If you are using headphones to listen to loud music then this article would give you an important information that you may not aware of. You may not see any side effects in your hearing because of listening to loud music using headphones but you may face consequences later.

Be cautious

It takes time to see the tangible effects. Most of us would have heard about noise pollution. Yes, the continuous noise would affect the ears. The blasting music would surely cause a risk. It is not possible to fix the hearing loss. For your information, you will harm the sensory hair cells in your inner ear or you can harm the nerves responsible to carry the sound from the cell to the brain. These important nerves would die if you listen to any kind of highly loud sound. Actually, such nerves do not regenerate. If you use the earbuds that you can still able to hear sounds from outside then they are the worst one to have.


A person from The Verge team had wanted to see how loudly She listens to music, so, she went out with the team to see how loud the New York city is. In this test, they used sound level meter to gauge the outside volume level. Then she adjusted the volume on her iPhone. One over the ear air, one noise isolating, one noise canceling, Air pods, noise canceling earbuds and on-ear headphones were used in this test.

Sound Level

The subway was highly loud whenever there were trains and the sound level reached up to 100 decibels sometimes. The sound level was not too bad when there were no trains. The outside city was as loud as loud when there were no subways in the station but sometimes it gets little louder. The test is also done in the office where it is more or less silent. All these factors affected how I have to turn up my music. She says that her regular over the ear headphones needed up the highest, the AirPods also.

Keeping the external sound out

The noise-isolating headphones and the noise-canceling headphones really did a good job keeping external sound out which led her to keep the volume lower than she had to with other pairs. But even with the noise canceling and noise isolating headphones, the subway station volume was nearly double that of the office. This all makes sense. But as the doctor warned, we could easily overdo it with volume especially when the headphones are able to keep the sounds out.


Keep the sound at a comfortable level, should not be heard around you. If you take the headphone off from your ear you should not hear anything like ringing or the sound a little bit lowered, like when you come out of a huge concert for example. If you have a little bit of ringing and muffle sound for a while after taking your headphone that’s actual damage to the hearing. All we can do to take care of our ears is be mindful. If you are a parent you can often set volume controls for your kids so that they don’t exceed a certain decibel level.

Take care of your ears, prevent the risk, keep the sound in a comfortable level. Headphones damage our ears, beware.

For more information please visit The Verge

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