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Do it for Allah. Not people, friends and neighbors. But Allah. He will reward you the best.

Hagia Sophia by Abdullah Öğük on Unsplash

People, Customers and Clients, won’t ever feel satisfied, thirst quenched or requirements met. Here, you can not succeed. People will always look up to you for a thing or two.

Find ways you can find Allah. Ok, He is not in front of you. Got it, He is not answering you. Acknowledged, He doesn’t show up when you need Him. But, who else shows up? Who else responds you good and stands with you till your death? When none is the answer, Allah is actually your answer.

Carry the Pain of Allah’s message in your heart

  1. Become heroes of Allah
  2. Fight / Fail / Win / Fight

1 — Become a hero of Allah

Sword by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

We are reading Surah Taha, a Meccan Surah, revealed to Muhammad PBUH, to give Him strength, mission and a plan. That, Muhammad PBUH doesn’t have to work on sketching his goals any more. That, he only has to walk on the lines laid out by Allah.

His goals turned out to be [as he realised]

  1. Conquering the State to give value to the ignored segments of society
  2. Understanding the true meaning of success
  3. Bring good people together
  4. Create scientific solutions to address poverty, lawlessness and ignorance
  5. Raise children, especially girls, to become warriors
  6. Liberate people, even his staunch enemies

Honestly, find one goal of Muhammad, that is not worth pursuing. None, in his life and after his life, has created doubts, rung bells or bolstered false flags. His life, missions and friends, were clear on what to achieve and how to achieve them. All of it laid down like a decorated butter, ready for him to slide his fingers inside and eat, placed in front of him.

Such goals were phrased before him as well. Few who pursued these goals stood victorious and are today recalled as heroes of Allah in Quran.

You got to make your like minded your friends. Quran is the best mind, exactly like you. It has narrated Haroon, Musa, Ibrahim, Nuh and Daud. None in your friends, is recalling these heroes. None are painting our walls with their slogans. And none are standing for the hard earned victories spread by these warriors. None, but Quran.

What else do you need to convince yourself to become one hero exactly like the heroes of Allah and Quran. To be honest, there is nothing that stops you.

2 — Fight, fail and repeat until you win

Fight by Attentie Attentie on Unsplash

I won’t tell you to stand on a roundabout and raise slogans of Allah. Or put a label on your chest of Terror and spread violence. Or break few chairs in your office and hurt your boss. Not, abnormal, wierd or a person filled with hatred. — You can do this also, there is nothing wrong with it.

Act humble. Stay low. On the floor. Put mud over your head. And make sure your people make fun of you. In fact, act so low, that the rejection and resistance breaks your ego.

Soon, your failures will pile up. The rejection will bring you to isolation. Soon, you will see people do not stand beside you, when you do not stand beside them. Soon, wisdom and knowledge will pave its way towards you. Soon, things will become clearer and you will find, the worst failures to polish and shape you.

You won time, peace, wisdom and patience. The beatings and thrashing brought you an ample amount of time. People stopped calling you for meetings, chit chats and late night discussions. Your boss fears you. Your family respects you. You, now rule your own kingdom to just sit, curate and sing.

With failures, continuous beatings and peltings, you find an enormous amount of time to work on improving your life. Slowly, it all add ups and makes you the same worth as heroes of Allah.


Mud by JM Piqué on Unsplash

As I talk to people more, more they throw trash on me. It is a reality. As I give them respect, their ego grows higher and they throw it on me. People who I trust, feel, are my colleagues, eventually throw mud on me.

I find, none, in this world, is good enough friend as it is Allah. None, who doesn’t falter, shake or gives up on me, but Allah. None, truthful, adventurous, forthcoming and helpful, as good as Allah.

It opens new doors to me. I know, it is now a walk on the path of heroes of Allah. I know it will reward me just like Nuh, Ibrahim, Musa, Haroon and Muhammad. I know it will bring forth new kingdoms, people and tribes, who will not be labelled muslim. I know I will not find them in our today’s flags of Islam but some will be hindus, some jews and some prostitutes.

I know, the heroes lie not among us. They are here, but not under the muddy and ugly sheets of so-called Islam. They are here; soon they will gather and pave ways to unite together. Soon we will witness them spreading message of Allah in our streets.

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