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Do not Quit your 9 to 5 Job !

Do not quit your job. I am on leave past 4 days — and I have not done — much useful. Quiting jobs — quits social links — falls heavy on your day to day life quality. You get bored. You get lazy. And you get further away from a productive lifestyle. Against all the mantras, valuable pieces of wisdom and ongoing trends — I would strongly recommend you to “continue with your main earnings”. Do not quit it. Unless →

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Still — While it was a casual day, I made a lot of progress. I enjoyed the morning. Sat with a friend. Discussed our Meetups “Lahore” chapter. Went on eating up my phone’s data to watch “the Mule” on Netflix. Also wrote some code to make sure our future — imaginary — customers do not feel bad using our website.

It was a lot of fun away from the job, on leave, good and happy. But reason of feeling the fire is not — no job, it is the leave from job.

My job, and nearly all kinds of jobs have significantly higher perks — that people who do not have the job nearly have no idea about. It does not mean, no-job people should feel bad. Yes — they also do have some perks. But being on a startup with a main job is more fun than without one.

1 — A Perfect Day Routine

Past 3 days, I was away from job, on leave. And I felt bad. So bad — I wanted to get back to office to get going with my daily routine.

It is; wake up in the morning — do a developers class — cook breakfast — disappear from home. No more same home taunting in my head. The entire scenery practically changes in front. I get into a new lifestyle — new habits and entirely new work place.

It feels good to know that office exists. It takes me away from learning new things and into practicing new things. It is fun to be out of home, in a new circle of people, for some part of the day, everyday.

You get home, discover the cosy relationship, watch Netflix, eat pizza or get to the gym.

Such habits, that brings irregular habits, experiences and uncertainities make us feel better.

It still asks “You got to love your 9 to 5 job”. For, if you are unable to love the major portion of your day — you really got not much happiness in your everyday.

So.. Love your job. Do not quit it. For it brings irregularity to your everyday routine.

2 — Social Circle

When you are working remote — you miss being among people. Real people with real problems — that we computer wizards don’t find around us.

We need to listen to gossips, crib of bosses, free lunches and here & there evening functions. We want to feel we are living a normal life.

Without job, it becomes nearly impossible to socially activate yourself everyday. Unless you have a Facebook HQ being haunted by politicians under you.

In real world, where there is only 1 Mark Zuckerberg in 20 years — we can not bank on unorthodox methods of feeling fulfilled.

Stick to ground, be socially present, love people around and sleep good — this is what 9 to 5 work routine is. If you don’t think — you can learn while doing your job — you are badly mistaken. It is possible, it all comes down to your personal choices.

I personally, publish my blog posts, first thing at my job. Then when I find spare time, I write algorithums and do 3 to 4 kinds of job related tasks. I avoid overburdening myself — for it spoils the work quality. And, bad work, brings bad reputation.

So.. Learn while you are at job. Do not quit it, unless it starts harming you.

3 — Monthly Income

I have been hearing MRR and Growth Strategies and what not. Social media, specially twitter, is filled with heinous success stories.

“Earned 6000 $ while in sleep”.

Nopes — it is not fun. Yes you get there twice in your life or — thrice, where you get a bonus and feel good. But it does not happen with every normal human being.

Sticking close to reality, makes us practical beings. We go to job, job pays us a month, we buy groceries and feel good.

Such kind of freedom is hard to find on an independent path.

Job is freedom that gives you a comforting sense of happiness.


When you start on your independent path to achieving mastery and find greatness — it does not have to be weird or super passionate. You can start learning a great new skill today, without haste, find people around the skill, interact with them and slowly you will be getting clarity which way your road goes.

Some days ahead — you will be knowing. And knowing is a great discovery because it gives you absolute strength to deciding.

But for now, when you are just starting, do not quit your job, close your social circle, spoil work routine or put a barricade to your existing MRR. Keep it — for, it is meant to help you grow into a better human being.

If you do not have a job, find one, that honours your presence, and stick to it. Some day, once you have achieved your mastery, where you can prove your mettle in a crowd of millions, you can always quit it and build your own brand.

I am paying my monthly Meetups fees from my job’s salary. I couldn’t have done it — with No Job.

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